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I began developing mods, scripts, and other content for Neverwinter Nights shortly after it's release. The following is some of the content I created including several documents used during production:

City of Wonders
Set in my Tales From the Rift World universe, this mod tells the story of Rhyvian, the City of Wonders and it's cataclysmic end. City of Wonders has won a Hall of Fame award from and remains a fan favorite to this day.

Module | Hak Pak | Cinematics

Doc - Trail of Blood | Doc - Secrets of the Upper House
Doc- Fall of the Archmage

This mod was designed as a test of certain game play and story elements I wanted to use in my upcoming A Line in the Sand series of mods. Caravan is notable due to it's use of an original custom tileset made by myself.

Module | Doc - Original A Line in the Sand Story

Some early scripts I developed for Neverwinter Nights.

Area Transition Random Encounters | Treasure Chest Puzzle

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