Game designer / level designer
Creative professional with 7+ years game design experience.
Blends creativity with knowledge of the design elements that drive retail sales.

Proven record of delivering projects ahead of schedule, working well to tight deadlines and under pressure. Consistently stretching and learning new skills with a track record of going over and above to help team meet goals. Combines extensive background in game design with video game retail management experience.

Skills include:

§  Level/Event Scripting

§  Story/Script Writing

§  Concept Development

§  3D Architectural Environments

§  Level Design & Production

§  Game Systems & Mechanics

§  Tuning & Balancing Game Play

§  Massively Multi-player Games

§  PC and Console Games


Independent Design Projects                                                                            2001 – Present

Remained active in game design, working independently to develop new skills while holding down a full-time job outside the game industry. Served as writer, designer, artist, scripter and tester for over 15 hours of game play, several thousand lines of branching dialog and event scripting, and dozens of unique NPCs, items and areas.

§         Created original series of Deus Ex levels based on Engalus design originally created for Crytek Studios. Designed levels and 2D textures, scripted events using UnrealScript, wrote dialog and recorded voices.

§         Developed innovative Neverwinter Nights mod, City of Wonders that earned exceptional ratings on and received a Hall of Fame award. Comprised 6-8 hours of game play, complex event scripting, a branching storyline and 80+ unique areas.

§         Currently completing highly anticipated second Neverwinter Nights mod, A Line in The Sand: Dark Artifact, which is an archaeological adventure in the style of Indiana Jones and takes place in self-created fully-articulated fantasy setting.

EB GAMES, Assistant Store Manager                                                                 2002 – Present

Originally hired as a temporary employee and quickly rose to management position. Provide leadership and training to staff, track inventory, perform opening and closing duties, and ensure exceptional customer service.

§         Worked closely with Store Manager to turn around under-performing location – took store from bottom 5% of region to top 10% within a year and to the #1 ranking in the district.

§         Accepted assignment to transform a second location based on this success – pulled rank from bottom 10% to top 10% within 10 weeks.

TURBINE ENTERTAINMENT, Game Content Designer                                                           2001

Hired for project that was quickly scaled back by new CEO. Recruited to work on Asheron’s Call 2 during the early production stage. Accountable for quest design, dungeon design, some world building, story development, and general game content design.

§         Met challenge from publisher to break original design document into smaller more detailed documents, finishing own section early and helping UI team complete their segment before milestone.

§         Transformed the hostile Lugian race from Asheron’s Call 1 into playable race for AC2. Created 3000 years of history, and developed overarching concept for race and materials for future designers to build from.

CRYTEK STUDIOS, Lead Designer                                                                                  1999 – 2001

Originally hired as a level designer and promoted to Lead Designer within 5 months. Spearheaded design for Engalus demo managing virtual team of 5 (designers, artists and a tools programmer) for first-person shooter. Inherited team that lacked design direction and was suffering from poor morale and limited communication.

§         Built demo that generated positive buzz at E3, was used by nVidia to demonstrate their technology, and resulted in a development deal for Crytek with Ubisoft.

§         Improved morale by establishing clear and frequent communication, despite challenges of working with virtual team across several international time zones.

§         Turned disorganized design document into cohesive vision for the game, working with team members to identify the best ideas and create a clear roadmap for the project

§         Created near feature-length script to guide in-game cinematics.

§         Developed concepts for characters, objects and environments that were then used to create art assets.

§         Designed 3D levels utilizing cutting-edge concepts such as curved surfaces, dynamic lighting, shaders, and higher polygon counts.


§         Premiere, AVID, and video editing software experience

§         3D Studio Max and Maya experience

§         Word, Excel, and MS Office software experience

§         UnrealED, Worldcraft/Hammer, QuArk, WorldEdit


Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking
Massachusetts College of Art (1996 – 2000)

Classes in 3D Studio Max and 3D Animation
*final project selected for demonstration reel to be shown to potential students

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