The following are both old and new ideas and stories that are either being worked on currently or may be folded into future projects somewhere along the line.

Quests and Design Docs

Soul Storm
Design document for a possible Neverwinter Nights mod.

Quest Log
A running log of quest ideas with no place to go at the moment

The Order of Lilitha
Quest for Asheron's Call

Stories and Concepts

The Journal of Joran Tuvarre
Part of a quest based in the world of Asheron's Call.

Obsidian Blade Charter
The charter for a guild I created and ran in Dark Age of Camelot.

Encyclopedia Lugiana
Background info for the Lugian race in Asheron's Call 2.

Fallen Warrior Concept
A concept doc for a Dungeon Siege mod.

Rift World Concept
Early concept document for my Tales From the Rift World fantasy universe.

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