Sheldon Baptist Church

Sunday School:       10:00

Sheldon Baptist Church Is Located 1 Mile

Worship Service:    11:00

Past  Corning  On  Old  Rt. 29

Sunday Night:           7:00

Pelham, North Carolina

Wednesday Night:    7:00

Where Holland Road And Old 29 Meet

Dale Herndon Family Pictures
1970 Church Directory Singing by other singers
The Old Rugged Cross Hear The Bible
Preaching by Joe Arthur and other Preachers View Some Gospel Tracts
Obie's Class reunion links to sites with words to hymns and choir
Click here for satellite map to Sheldon Baptist Church Answers In Genesis
Ever wanted your own World Atlas, here is Google Earth Bible Study
The Mighty Judge    By The Sheldonairs


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Pastor: Dr. Tim Anderson

The Old Country Church Quartet


Sunshine Trio

Herndon Family


Dale & Diane

Please Send Me Email Let Me Know You Were Here