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Hi! Welcome to my page on Christian Nudism. My name is David Ross. I'm single and live in Castro Valley, California. I've been a both a Chrisitan and a nudist for many years. After reading through the sites below, I was glad to find out that not only was I not the only Christian nudist but also that it was not against God's word to be a nudist.

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Cheef's Christian Nudist-Naturist Pages Bible, Society, and Nudity a great thesis on Christianity and Nudism
Christian Aspects of Naturism / Christian Education with Nudist Links Our Sun Home
Christian Yooper Naturist Christian Naturist Bible Fellowship of Spokane The Christian Nudist/Naturists Connection
Boyd Allen's Christian Naturism (a very comprehensive page on Christian nudism) Brian's Christan Naturist Page
Fig Leaf Forum Box 1955, Winnipeg MB, R3C 3R2 Canada  Fig Leaf Forum is a newsletter offering fellowship, edification and encouragement to Bible-believing Christian nudists. It is not published for profit and is non-denominational and non-political. E-mail subscriptions to Fig Leaf Forum are available at no charge. I have subscribed to the e-mail version of this for a while now. It is an excellent newsletter. Highly recommend that all Christians (both nudist and non-nudist) subscribe to it.
Please see the web page for information on subscribing to the FLF via snail mail.
Naturist Life International Texarkana Naturist Association
Christian Naturism: Living as God Intended
Back to Eden Christian Naturists is a Yahoo group that, unfortunately, Yahoo thinks should be placed in the Adult Groups section. However, it is a good Christian Nudist group. The site's moderator is a masseur in Las Vegas who operates A Master's Touch Massage Bibles and Christian Books. books on nudism

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