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2/21/09 - Revamped Archer and Berserker
1/9/09 - Revamped Archer
9/4/07 - Added the world map
9/2/07 - Revamped Introduction, Religion, Archer, Swashbuckler, and Winged Horror. Added weapons table.
8/31/07 - Added in city-states and rulers, along with Demons.

Here's where I'll be putting my notes for the Castles and Crusades world I'm working on. All files are in pdf.

House Rules
Variant Fighter Class - Combat Dominance is replaced with Cleave
Archer Class - A brand new class
Berserker Class - Replaces the Barbarian Class
Swashbuckler Class - Brand new class

My World
Introduction - Rough history and general overview of Gaia.
World Map - The World of Gaia
Religion - The Church of the Holy Trinity, Demon cults, and the Devourer Wyrm

New Races
Nephilim - Those with angelic ancestry
Wildling - Those with the blood of lycanthropes
Tiefling - Those with infernal ancestry

New Monsters
Winged Horror - an aberration of the Devourer Wyrm

Useful Links
Troll Lord Games - The makers of Castles and Crusades
Green Ronin - I got a couple Domains from their Book of Fiends, which I highly recommend.
Dragonsfoot - Excellent Castles and Crusades forums, along with lots of old-school D&D stuff
Grey Elf's CnC Page - Castles and Crusades fan page, with a lot more links and fan material


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