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serving the Greater Philadelphia Chess Community each Tuesday night
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New Members Welcome! -- Try us out as our guest! -- Anyone may join

Open to the Public. All levels of play and ages welcome: Beginner to Master; Adults & Juniors

MLCC is mostly adults, but we welcome players of all ages who can play quietly.
Our events are designed so that you do not have to attend every week.

2005 picture of Dan Heisman and Vinko Rutar analyzing after their drawn result at the club's annual consultation game

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Place: Waverly Heights Life Care Retirement Community
                  Gladwyne PA,  at 1400 Waverly Rd. 1½ blocks East of Rt 23

* Chess play (Rated Tournaments & other activities)

* Rated play requires US Chess Federation membership - new and renewed memberships available via club almost every night at affiliate discount prices. If you are already a USCF member, please bring your card or magazine label when you come to the club, especially the first time. You don't have to play a rated game, but almost all our events are rated.

* Most meetings have a USCF rated game; Please be there before 7:20 PM to play! If you can, try to make three games in each tournament at be eligible for USCF rating bonus points if you do well! But you can play only one if you wish - there is no limit.

* Our schedule is designed so you do not have to play every night, can easily join events in progress and still get a competitive game!

* Affiliated with PA & US Chess Federations

* 2011 Dues: $25 (adults) ; $15 for both Youth (ages 14-17) and Junior (<14); membership lasts for 12 months from pay date

* No need to call if you cannot make it that night - only if you think you might be late (7:20-7:45). Call 610-645-7518. If you do not call and arrive after 7:20 you likely will not be paired for a formal game but are welcome to stay and play informally.

* Normal time limit: Game in 75 minutes (for each player); G/45 available if you have to leave early (please let TD know before pairings); you may also play slower than G/75 if your opponent agrees.

* Club does not supply equipment (except scoresheets) so please bring your own board, pieces, pencil, and clock (if you have one).  If you wish to purchase equipment, click HERE.

* The Main Line’s Longest Running Chess Club!


After receiving suggestions from a couple of club members, the Main Line Chess Club has decided to try a new seminar idea to see how popular it is:

  1. In addition to the normal activity, there will be a seminar the first Tuesday of each month; Most games will be G/60 that night

E-mail received 9/1/2004: 

Hello Dan,
    I wanted to thank you for an enjoyable experience at Main Line CC.  It's nice to go to a chess club and have everyone treat you like you've been a member for years!  I've been looking for a club like this for years and even though it takes me an hour to get there it doesn't even phase me...even after a long days work!
    I hope to be a member of this club for a very long time and with your professional and fun approach to chess it keeps my enthusiasm at it's highest.  My only regret is that I didn't find out about Main Line CC until May of this year while reading your articles at Chessville.com.
Thank You Again,
Robert Colanzi



(since moving to Waverly Heights in 1999)

* Congratulations to 2010 MLCC Champion Joe Mucerino

Previous Champions: FM Peter Fleischer (1999-2000; 2002), NM Mike Bury (2001), Expert Mike Glick & NM Dan Heisman (2003), FM Rodion Rubenchik (2004), Expert Vinko Rutar & FM Peter Fleischer(2005), Dan Heisman (2006); Dan Yeager (2007), Lucas Knight (2009)

* Congratulations to 2007-2010 MLCC 5-Minute Champion NM Adam Weissbarth
        Previous Champions: FM Rodion Rubenchik; FM Peter Fleischer (2003; 2005); NM Dan Heisman (1999-2002; 2006)

* Congratulations to 2010 MLCC Junior Champion: Tommy Guo

Previous Champions: Rory Wasiolek (2001); Pat Donnelly (2000); Erica McLaughlin (1999 & 2002); Josh Bowman (2003); Steve McLaughlin, Jr. (2004) ,  Preneeth Denduluri (2005), Atharva Deshpande (2006) (open to those age 13 and under at the start of the event); Tommy Guo (2007, 2009, 2010)

For More Information contact:

       Click here for e-mail ->: Dan Heisman  

Former Main Line CC master Pete Peterson beats GM Nakamura! (see page 6)

Quad Information:
Next Quad: Mar 19, 2011 - Founder's Hall - email Cait Coslett for more info

Place: In Founder's Hall at Haverford College in Haverford.  Co-hosted by the Main Line CC and Haverford College. middle of campus. (Campus Map)

Parking: FREE PARKING! ...on the south side of campus. (Campus Map)

Registration 8:45-9:15.  $15 entry fee, $10 for current Haverford College students and faculty. USCF membership required and available at registration - like all tournaments, if you need to join/renew USCF membership please do so during registration, not online before, and if you are already a member, please bring proof of current membership: card, magazine label, or web page.  If you have never been here before, please leave early enough to ensure that you will get into the playing room before registration closes (the playing sites are a 5+ minute walk from the parking lot). Anyone arriving after 9:15 is not assured to be entered in the tournament unless paid in advance!

Winner of each quad gets $30; $35 for a 3-0 sweep.  Open to all ages (a quad is 3 games against people of roughly your same strength)  Game in 75 minutes; First round at ~9:30 - Lunch available for $6 at the Haverford College cafeteria.

Estimated finishing time: Adults who take their time: dinner. Students who play too fast: may be done by early afternoon!

Directions: Haverford College, Haverford, PA: Enter campus through the main entrance, which is on Route 30 (Lancaster Ave. South of College Ave) Stay on the main road which will turn left and then right.  There will be a Visitor's Parking Lot on the left.  Park there.  Cross the street you were just on and toward your left there is a campus map and a brick path.  Walk along the path.  Follow it for a while.  You'll go up some steps; take the right steps.  Straight ahead of you when you get up the steps is a big green (Founders Green) and across the green from you is Founders, which is the main building. Please give yourself plenty of time the first time you play as this is a long walk across campus and it is possible to you won't find the playing site as fast as you might have thought!

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