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Publicity for events submitted to this page are also sometimes augmented with emails to those on appropriate email lists

*** Since local organizers are using this page less and less, I am considering deleting it. So if you use this page to list or find events, please email me so I will know to keep it alive - Thanks! ***

***Calendar Inactive*** LOCAL CALENDAR (bold=championship) - how to submit events - non-periodic events here; see the Club Page for monthly quads; all events PA unless otherwise noted

All events are posted free, ASAP! If you would like your event posted above, please condense it to fit on ~1 line and e-mail it to me. e.g.

"'July 15-16: - Wilmington Open, 5SS, G/2, Fredís Fire House, 3 Sections, $25 adv, $5K prizes, Info: Phil'
...where Wilmington Open = and Phil ="

Sample format: Date - Name of Event - Type of Event - Place - Link - You do not have to hyperlink to submit. Just indicate if you want something linked.

end a one line link an it will be posted ASAP! - Thanks - I apologize in advance, but sending a TLA (Tournament Life Announcements) will not produce a post - Periodic events for the club page may have more than one line.

The above are NOT all the local events; there are many others! For weekly, monthly or periodic tournaments please see the Club Page for events at local clubs, including the popular and common weekend quads - Most Periodic Local Club Tournaments are not listed above; for example, the Main Line Chess Club usually has a rated game every Tuesday night, etc, West Chester CC the 1st Saturday of every month, Masterminds the 2nd Saturday of each month, etc. - also see BELOW for more tournament information

Use links, USCF event site for more info.

If you can't find what you want above, try one of the following links for more local events like monthly quads!

  USCF's PA Tournament Listings

  USCF's Grand Prix Tournament Listings (Large Tournaments)

  PA State Chess Federation's Event Calendar

  How to read a USCF Tournament Life Announcement (TLA)

  Link to all Phila area Shining Knights Chess Tournaments

Info for First-Time Readers: Except for scholastic tournaments, which are restricted to K-12, anyone from anywhere can play in almost anything for the entry fee; the name of the tournament, like "Allentown Championship", does NOT restrict entry to players from Allentown! If the event is rated, as most are, you also need to be a USCF member! The best way for new or renewing members to join USCF is as part of that event's registration. If instead you join via the internet just before the event, you would need to bring written proof of current membership to the event, likely an e-mail from USCF with your new ID and expiration date.


"Tournament" scare you away? If we called it a "chess festival" would you come then? Don't let a name stop you!

! Organizers should contact Joe Mucerino, the PSCF area event coordinator to avoid date conflicts and help publicize. Also e-mail me using the format described above. USCF Clearinghouse volunteer list.

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  Other Tournament Information:

  Join USCF Online (membership is required for rated events but always available at the event, too; if you do join online, please bring proof of membership to events)

  USCF's Tournament Life Announcement (TLA) site (overall)

 Generic Guide to Philadelphia area tournaments

  Explanation of USCF's TLA Abbreviations  --- Additional CCA explanation of TLA's

 Enhancing Your Tournament Experience - good to read before your first event!

Includes How to register for a USCF event, etc.

  Guide to Byes at a chess tournament

  Shining Knights Chess Tournaments - scholastic events for the Philadelphia (and other) areas
  Pennsylvania State Chess Federation  - List of PSCF Championship Events

  Events in Delaware

  Events in New Jersey

  Link to Continental Chess Association for big Sheraton Hotel (downtown Phila) events

  Link to House of Staunton for all kinds of chess sets and equipment!

  Link to Cajun Chess for events

Additional Helpful Information

"Scholastic" means K-12. Great training grounds for most High School players!

Most events require US Membership, but this can always be purchased during morning registration! Please read Enhancing Your Tournament Experience for more info and see the USCF for their latest rates. If joining USCF on-line just before an event please bring e-mail confirmation; you can also just show up and join USCF at the event. Large State and National Championship events may require pre-registration: online or mail.

Parent FAQ

Rating Information
  USCF Rating Lookup - Use this to look up your rating - type your last name first!
  Ratings Calculator
  Explanation of USCF's Rating System
Rating Explanation (simplified)"

 USCF Rating System Coefficient Chart (how fast you go up and down vis rating, etc.)

 Elo rating system win probabilities (vis rating difference; see page 2); Highest ever Elo ratings

 USCF Rating Committee Web Page (includes annual reports)

  Proposed new USCF norm system explained and norm calculator

  Fun PA Rating Information

Sponsoring Chess - even $50 may mean lots of additional trophies!

Sponsors for the local chess events receive very good publicity and public relations for your business for relatively small contributions; Sponsorships can be any amount - $50 helps a lot - call Dan at 610-649-0750 or e-mail him. Sponsorships can be made via the tax-deductible PSCF. Cost of a Principal (naming) Sponsorship:

PA Scholastic Chess Championship (~600+ entrants): $5000
Gr. Phila Scholastic Chess Championship (200+): $1500
Philadelphia Open Championship (~100; run by Main Line CC): ~$1500
PA State Championship (100+): $1000
PA State Sr. Championship: $500

If you don't want the event named after your organization, then ANY AMOUNT is appreciated and will be mentioned in all publicity, at the event, etc.

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