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with sister Eileen summer 2012     -  USCF Meritorious Service Award Aug 2007


Contact Information: phone, e-mail (danheisman@comcast.net)... Please call 610-649-0750 or Skype "Dan Heisman" to ask a question or schedule a lesson.

Full-Time Instructor: Adults & Juniors of all levels, live or internet - I almost always have room for new students

            US Chess Federation National Master (NM) and FIDE CM

 Lesson inquiries: Please phone 610-649-0750 or e-mail (In US/Canada: include your phone # and I will call); others: Skype: "Dan Heisman"

  "DanHeisman" on Chess.com, Facebook, and Twitter (follow and get my "Chess Tip of the Day"; 3,000+ followers!); "Phillytutor" on Internet Chess Club

  Novice Nook column at Chess Cafe on how to improve at chess for all levels of player. Voted "Best Instruction" In North America six times

  Chess instructor for radio personality Howard Stern, 2006-2011 - and a couple in 2013!

  Want to discuss your lesson with others or learn from theirs? Check out "My Last Lesson with Dan" at the Dan Heisman Learning Center at chess.com

"Q&A with Coach Heisman" on Chess.com TV is first Fri of each month at 5-6:30 PM ET.

To support our chess charity, we have a store to sell merchandise via our Chess.com Dan Heisman Learning Center. The store, with logo'd merchandise, is at   http://www.cafepress.com/dhlc. All net proceeds go to the Dan Heisman Chess Support Fund charity to support local youth chess via The Philadelphia Foundation.

Several have written to ask about the availability of my weekly videos on ICC: My videos are still scheduled to be published every Saturday on ICC: http://danheisman.home.comcast.net/~danheisman/Main_Chess/dan_videos.htm. Exception: if ICC is doing a "Game of the Day" video for a big event, then the "regular" video that day does not get published and is put off til next week. Since many tournaments start and/or end on weekends, videos due to come out on weekends, like my "Improve Your Chess" series, are more affected.

All my articles (Chess Cafe, Chess.com & others, except for articles on my Chess.com show) are arranged by subject on a single web page. Enjoy!

Chess Cafe is currently offline; I am probably starting a new column on improvement somewhere else on the web for 2016...stay tuned!

Dan Heisman Learning Center at chess.com; My Chess.com Blogs or Chess.com Blogs/Articles

Dan's 280+ instructional videos (Video by subject) New one weekly; Free to ICC members; free samples for all --- YouTube sample 

Author, 11 Chess books: The 2nd editions of both Looking for Trouble and The Improving Chess Thinker have been updated and greatly expanded.

SE PA Scholastic Coordinator for PA Chess Federation

Charitable Donations Page - If you find my site helpful, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to one of my charities, Thanks!!

Make a tax-deductible donation to the Dan Heisman Chess Support Fund to support youth chess via the Philadelphia Foundation! Mail or Online. Online new link automatically finds "Dan Heisman Chess Support Fund" Now on Facebook. Know a youth charity that wants support? e-mail Dan.

Make a tax-deductible donation to the Holly Heisman Memorial Fund, of the Philadelphia Foundation to support women in need (breast cancer, runaways, battered wives). Mail or Online. Online select "Specific Fund" and then "Holly Heisman Memorial Fund" Now on Facebook.

Dan's formula for initial chess improvement:

                                                                           Slow Safe  Active  All other chess strategies

Want a ton of chess tips? My 7,000+ tweets - including over 1,500 "Chess Tips of the Day".

Have a question? You don't have to be a student; I will answer for free if you call (please try to keep call relatively short). Please call 610-649-0750 (preferred) or email your phone number and I will call you. It is much easier to have a phone conversation, but I also answer all legitimate email questions.

Lessons - "To acquire knowledge one must study; but to acquire wisdom one must observe." - Marilyn vos Savant

Let me help you become a better player today! All ages accepted. I welcome everyone who is willing to try to take almost all their time each game. I prefer phone to email; if you want me to call, please send your phone in US/Canada and I will call. Wonder if I'm the right instructor? Try my "Will Click/Won't Click" Checklist

I have an offer for non-ICC members to join the Internet Chess Club included as part of their initial fee if they pre-pay for lessons. Take link for info. Here is a link for ICC help and another link for ICC unofficial help.

Pay by credit card: PayPal is open to everyone (PayPal takes 3-5% so if you cover this - not required - thanks!). See my Fee page for more information.

Students can have a regular, reserved spot, or schedule on an ad-hoc basis. Contact me to find a lesson time convenient to both of us. No one has to take lessons on a weekly -or any other regular- schedule. Whatever you want is fine.

US juniors qualify for a discount if on a USCF Top-100 Lists! - See my "Top Junior" program

If you schedule a lesson and I am not there for any reason within 3-4 minutes of the time you think the lesson should start, please call me at 610-649-0750 or Skype (if overseas) right away - it may be a minor mixup but I am almost never late so give a call.

Dan Tidbits:

I am a guest speaker for Philadelphia area (and outside) groups, both chess and non-chess. Contact me at 610-649-0750 if interested. Also, I give chess lectures with simultaneous exhibitions. I will play a simultaneous exhibition to raise money for your charity.


Always looking for someone to play backgammon matches, especially live.


I have a button collection (not the kind on shirts) - if you have a political button or whatever, let us know - Thanks!

bullet I have updated my all-sports Hall of Fame (page 1 - page 2)

How many states and countries I have had students? States (43+): HI, CA, WA, AZ, NM, SD, ND, MO, IA, TX, OK, MI, IL, PA, NJ, FL, LA, NC, KY, NY, CT, CO, DE, MD,NH, VT, ME, MN, MS, IN, MT, DC, VA, OR, OH, GA, UT, WI, NV, AK, AR, AL, NE, WV Countries (24): USA, Canada, Trinidad, Germany, Spain, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Hong Kong, Australia, Scotland, England, Norway, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, India, South Africa, Brazil, South Korea, Kenya, Luxembourg. If your state/country is not here and you had a lesson, let me know!

In October 2009 I went to Abu Dhabi, where I gave a Sheik a week of chess lessons

Like math and chess? Check out my article on game theory and chess.

My final 83(!) radio shows are archived by the ICC (ICC membership required)

Sample of my art (including chess stuff) - Except for the Black king, most of my best stuff had already been wall-mounted and is not shown. I will draw a custom-ordered, signed, 8.5x11 grey-scale for $39, money-back guarantee. So far less than 10 sold: Collector's item?!

Playing lately: Castle-Clash - don't laugh, chess players; it's a tough strategic game.

I was live on the Howard Stern show with Scott Andreacci of Integcorp Monday May 18, 2009 roughly 9:40-11 AM.

I was also on the Howard Stern show Sep 10, 2007 with Adam Weissbarth of Silver Knights See Howard's chess interview in the NY Times.

An interview with me on Chess.com

Shelly and I attended the 2005 Heisman Trophy Dinner in NY. I said Hi to John Capelletti (Penn State) and Shelly to Tony Dorsett (Pitt). We got our picture taken with the Heisman Trophy. Football coach John Heisman was my great-grandfather's first cousin.

Dan is a big Family Guy fan - Quotes  stewie poltergeist animation

How do I feel about climate change? Read this article. And congratulations to Newsweek for publishing this article. May the Singularity save us? (no, I'm not kidding, just hopeful)

Good (but frightening) ABC show: Earth 2100 - it's only our most important issue

Ultraverse published my 2nd Science Fiction Story, "No One Likes Losing" and

Kalkion has published my "real dream" story "Saving an Important Life"