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... about who I am

I am a fifty-three year old man who lives with my wife Emily in Portland, Oregon. When I was employed, I worked as a Senior Test Engineer for over thirty years, most recently at Intel Corporation. Due to my Diabetes I am medically retired, and I have a Kidney Transplant. Much of my day seems to revolve around taking the right medication at the right time. With over twenty medications a day, it sure is fun!

... about my family

Emily and I have been married for over 20 years. Although not blessed with children of our own body, we have three lovely Godchildren, and a number of young women whom we love as honorary adopted daughters. With some darling nephews and nieces To keep our lives complete, we have a grand time, trying to keep track of everyone.

... about what I do

We spend much of our time as members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, [SCA] a non-profit educational organization dedicated to recreating the finer aspects of the Middle Ages. In the SCA I am known as Roger of Belden Abbey, and Emily is known as Sister Guineth the White. We met in the SCA, and really enjoy socializing with our friends there.

... what are my interests

I'm retired, and am not very active nowadays. I work a great deal on my computer, and I use it to write stories and contact other SCA members. I have a loom, and am learning to weave. I like to listen to music, and have a large DVD and VHS collection. I have gone to some programming classes, and intend to further my education in Computer Software Engineering.

... what are my likes and loves

My Major love in this world is my darling wife Emily. I love our Goddaughters, the Ladies we call our 'honorary adopted daughters,' our families, our two cats, and living in the USA. I am fond of pizza, and Lasagna, and most Italian food; I'm fond of cookies and chocolate, but can only eat very little as I'm a Diabetic, and must watch my carbohydrates.

... what don't I like

I have problems with people who enjoy making others suffer, especially for no reason. Cruelty to children is a horror, as is the hurting of those who are defenseless. Unfortunately, there is still too much of that in our poor world.

... what are my plans for the future?

I plan to expand this web site, putting photos and such for people to see and enjoy. I like to write, and am hoping someday to have some of my stories published. If you want to read some of the stories that I have written, go to the 'Roger of Belden Abbey' link below, and from there go to the 'Good King Henry' stories.

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