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     Three names were proposed for a new NSDAR Utah Chapter:  Heritage, Mount Olympus, and Uintah.  Visualize the outline of the State of Utah.
      At the upper northeast corner there is a jog in the otherwise straight border line between Wyoming and Utah.  The "High Uintahs," as they are frequently called, parallel this jog for 150 miles with a mean width of 35 miles.  They form the only range in the "lower 48 States" which has a distinct east-west axis.  There are nearly a dozen peaks exceeding 13,000 feet with King's Peak being 13,578 feet.
     Much of this natural wonderland is primitive area and abounds with wildlife.  It was formed 60 to 70 million years ago by the earth's great uplifting forces, and later by glacial movement.  The range was dissected and eroded into jagged peaks and ridges.  At their base are immense amphitheaters and deep canyons from 1,000 to 2,000 feet deep.
     Five rivers have their source in this magnificent range, and bring their life-giving water to the desert.  There are many lakes, some frozen over until late in the spring.  Above the heavily timbered lower slopes, the barren, snow covered peaks rise majestically.  Many explorers and settlers traversed through these rugged mountains, some to remain, and some continuing on to the West Coast.
    Uintah Chapter was named for this mountain range and the Uintah Indian Tribe.  Seven members were present with thirteen chapter members listed at the organization of the Uintah  Chapter on 1 February 1974, in Sandy, Utah

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