Wolf Grace Bagnati

June 8, 2015

Wolf Grace / Female was born at 41 weeks. June 24, 2012. Pitocin induced. Vaginal birth. 5lbs. 1oz. When she was born, I asked where the rest of my baby was. She was the smallest thing I'd ever seen and held. There was some worry that the due date might of been wrong, but there was calcification in the placenta. She had a hard time keeping her body temp up so she had to be kept in a warmer. She had hyperbilirubinemia. Which lead to an extended stay in NICU for light therapy. She took to breastfeeding right away. Though because of her size they were concerned that she would not be able to do this. We were discharged a few days later. Re-admitted on July 2. The levels were still high (20.5) and she had lost weight. 4lbs. 8oz. Two full days of light therapy and they did a ton of blood tests. We were sent home, the tests came back with: Microarry testing (7/3/2012) large (23.8 mb) chromosomal duplication 10q23.32-10q25.3 Patients Karyotype: 46,XXdup(10)(q23.32q25.3)

At 5 weeks we had our first appointment with a geneticist. Luckily we are only an hour away from Yale Children's Hospital. We were both tested and the results were normal. The genetic anomaly is de novo. Now 3 years later we have seen many specialists and therapists. The laundry list is below.

Overall we feel she is doing very well. She currently weighs 18.5 pounds and is 31 inches tall. She will be 3 this June of 2015!

--- Justin and Kate Bagnati

Name Wolf Grace Bagnati
Date of Birth Jun 2012
Gender Female
Diagnosis 46,XXdup(10)(q23.32q25.3)
Parents Justin and Kate Bagnati
City Norwalk, CT, USA
e-mail katiebutternutsquash[at]gmail[dot]com (change [at] to "@")

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