Valeria Alejandra Pesantes

December 7, 2009

I have some news about Valeria, she passed one year with feeding problems, she stayed at the hospital for 15 days and had to take a lot of medicine, until one day I couldn't stand it anymore and took her to a homeopatic doctor.. and problem solved! Now she can eat almost everything but milk or derivates and I try not to feed her with meat (but she does eat chicken and fish) .. and she's doing wonderful, she has gained weight, and she hasn't gotten sick at all.. She only takes vitamins since a long time ago. She has developed very much, she is about to walk, in fact she does it but holding the furniture (i'm sorry, my english is not very good). She's starting to talk she says papapa, abu, tete and a few more sounds and her therapists are very positive and happy to see Valeria's progress. She also is much more envolved with people, she's a very tender girl, she gives kisses and blows candles, gives hi5, waves hello with her hand. She very flexible and has learned to roll over. Her fine motor skills are improving a lot, she learns everything the therapists teach her. Her favorite toys are balls.

Ma. Jose Montessdeoca

Update January 15, 2013

I'd like to update information on the web site about my daughter Valeria. She is now 5, she can walk pretty well and stars to run. She has improved her hearing, altough she still uses headphones but for two times in two years its has been calibrated on lower volume. She learns a lot. Now she is in kindergarden with 4 year old kids. She can't talk but she does says a lot of sounds to refer to common things like water, tv, dad, and so on. She knows well how to use mi cellphone and the computer (she likes watching videos on youtube!) She doesnt have any heart or kidney disease or any disease, she's a healthy girl. She had problems with feeding but no more. Now she doesn't have problems to sleep. And that's good news because some years ago she only sleep fes hours at night. Now she sleeps all night! She´s very active, she likes playing with her toys, still her favorites ones are balls. She goes to speech therapy 4 times a week, physical therapy twice a week, early stimulation and therapeutic pedagogy. We tried therapy with horses and went great, and hydrotherapy too, both were very helpful and we will repeat it next vacations. I'm sending you some pictures too.

I'm very glad for joining the group and for sharing this information with all of you. Our kids are our blessings.

Kind regards,

MariaJose (proud mom of Valeria, 10q22-10q23) ---

Name Valeria Alejandra Pesantes
Birth Date Mar 2007
Gender Female
Diagnosis 46xx Dup(10)q23-q24
Parents Maria Jose Montesdeoca Castaneda
City Guayaquil, Ecuador
e-mail mmontesdeoca[at]hotmail[dot]com (change [at] to "@")

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