Joseph Spurgeon

December 15, 2009

Joseph was born with non-immune hydrops, and was later diagnosed with an atrial septal defect and a ventricular septal defect. Amazingly, Joey survived the non-immune hydrops. Joseph had heart surgery to repair his ASD and VSD in April, 2008. For unknown reasons, Joey crashed in the CICU several hours after his surgery.

Joey and his twin, Andrew, both were/are diagnosed w/10q 24.2-24.3.

He fought hard over the next several weeks, fighting off infections and struggling with dialysis. Joey left us and went to the good lord on Mothers Day, May 11, 2008.

We received Joey's 10q genetic diagnosis during the summer.

--- Nick and Erin Spurgeon

Name Joseph Spurgeon
Date of Birth Mar 2008
Date of Passing May 2008
Gender Male
Diagnosis 10q(24.2-24.3)
Parents Nick and Erin Spurgeon
City Bowie, Maryland, USA
e-mail nspurgeon[at]verizon[dot]net, espurgeon[at]verizon[dot]net (change [at] to "@")


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