Genetics of Trisomy 10q

This page provides a few illustrations related to chromosomes, genes, and chromosome 10q in particular. These graphics are courtesy of Nature magazine, Feb 15, 2001 (Human Genome Issue).

Below is a display of the full set of chromosomes found replicated in most cells of the human body. Each is painted with a different flouresent dye. Other than the coloring and ordering, this is a picture of the actual chromosomes.

Picture of karyotype

Below is a map of the long arm (q) of chromosome 10. The known genes are identified. Some day we shall hopefully know the function of each gene. Notice the band indentification starting near the bottom of the map with "q11.1". It is the start of the "q" arm and is butted against the start of the "p" (short) arm marked as "p11.1". The bands of the q arm continue to the end which is labeled q26.3. People with 10q have varying amounts of the q arm as an extra (3rd) chomosome. Offen it runs from a mid point to the end (q26.3).

Picture of chromosome 10q

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