Our "Special" Children

As we look at our Children, the "Special" seems to shine right on through, for in only seconds they'll capture your heart, and make you feel so new. With each challange that they master, our hearts begin to melt, we realize in that moment that this is true love that we have felt. From the day we broght them home, and worked so hard at the things that should come with ease, We stand up with so much pride for our "Special" children, such as these. The first spoken word oh what a thrill, drinking without a sippy-cup, not even one little spill. Holding their heads up for longer than a minute or two, sitting in one spot staring up so lovingly at you. a smile, a giggle, a twinkle in their eye, It's moment's like these that will last forever, even as time quickly passes by. Birthday's come and go, and they grow it seems overnight, As we watch them sleeping soundly, we realize that "Yes" they are right, I have a "Special" child one like no other, He has a daddy who loves him, and is spoiled by his mother. He is no different than his siblings, or the neighbors right next door, He is a Special child who simply needs just a little more. But look into his eyes, and I'm sure that you will see, there is an angel inside this child watching out for you and me. For who else could quietly come into our live, and leave such a miraculous print deep inside our hearts, The lesson's this child has taught, from us will Never part. Yes, he is "Special" sent to us from God above, For he fills our hearts with so much laughter, he fills this world with love. So to you our "Special" ones we Thank you for the gifts you bring, you are what makes this world a brighter place, you make the heavens sing. To you Joshua my son who I love with all my heart, Please know that you are my special boy, from whom my love will Never part.

Jodie Smith 5-31-00

In loving honor of all of our "Special" Angels who give to us all their love.

May God Bless each of you with Love, Peace and Comfort. We are more blessed to have had these special children in our lives, we could never repay the joys, the moments or the lessons that our precious children have given. Take one day at a time and always remember to take a minute of each day and find what is good in it. You will be amazed how the good always seems to out-weigh the bad.

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