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The permanent address for this site is http://trisomy10q.darylanderson.com. Please use this address in your favorites or web-links.

This site is specifically designed and supported for the benefit of families of children with Distal Trisomy 10q. The site also represents families of children with Proximal Trisomy 10q, as well. The primary objectives are: If you would like to submit information on your child, please send us an e-mail or regular mail.

What is Distal Trisomy 10q?

Distal Trisomy 10q is an extremely rare syndrome in which a person has an extra end (distal) portion of chromosome 10, specifically from the long arm (q). In the case of Proximal 10q the extra portion is from the opposite end of the q arm near (proximal) the center of the whole chromosome where the q and p arms join together. This can occur spontaneously at conception (de novo) or from a translocation in one of the parents. In the latter case, one of the parents has the tails of chromosome 10 and another chromosome swapped. The parent has a full set of genes, but when the child gains one half of these chromosomes from the affected parent, the child ends up with an unbalanced set of genes. The effect on the child can vary from mild to very severe and is related to how many extra genes are present from 10q. Additionally, in translocation cases, there are generally missing genes from the complimentary chromosome of the translocation. It has been commonly believed that most cases are from translocations; however, from the information we have collected from our members, it appears that significantly more cases are actually de novo.

Images of chromosome 10q.

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A Bit About Us

We are Daryl and Leslie Anderson.  Daryl is a manager of integrated circuit design at Hewlett-Packard in Corvallis, Oregon.   Leslie is a homemaker.    We have a son, Jess, born 10/1/93, with Distal Trisomy 10q. We have two other children, Jenny and Eric, which are a few years older than Jess. For more on Jess, click on his link in the Families section below.  We are not medically trained, but run this service out of a desire to help those of us that are dealing with this rare condition that seems to have no other support organization and apparently no specialists.  We welcome any comments and corrections to information on the site.


Join the Community

Click here to learn how to share your stories on this site and to join the googlegroup (you must be a Trisomy 10q family to join).

One way that this site can be useful to you is by helping you connect with families with children that have similar karyotypes (chromosome listing). Typically, children with similar duplicated or omitted chromosome segments will have similar medical and developmental issues. The key word to remember here is "similar" though. Each child will be their own person. You can find each child's karyotype on their page (in the Families section below). Note that there are two tables: One for Distal 10q, and one for related disorders such as Proximal 10q.

By added your child's information to this site, other's with similar situations will be more able to connect with you.


Join the Research

We are partners with CoRDS, a part of Sanford Research (non-profit). CoRDS a registry with the purpose of encouraging research into rare conditions though connecting researchers to people with rare conditions. We encourage you to consider enrolling with CoRDS. It's free and easy to do.

CoRDS describes themselves as follows:   The Coordination of Rare Diseases at Sanford registry is a national and central registry of individuals of any age who have been diagnosed with a rare disease (undiagnosed individuals are also eligible for enrollment). The registry holds basic contact and diagnostic information on those who agree to enroll. Any researcher with the appropriate approval can then request information from the registry that might be helpful to the research they are conducting. By enrolling in CoRDS, participants who qualify will be notified of any opportunities to participate in clinical trials and other research opportunities.


Below are specifics on children with Distal Trisomy 10q. If you would like to add your child to this site, please contact us with your information. We encourage you to share your experience through a letter, and possibly a photograph.



People with Distal Trisomy 10q. See the next table for related syndromes.
Child Birth Date City
  Anderson, Jess Oct 1993 Corvallis, OR. USA
  Andersson, Simon Nov 2001 Hallstahammar, Sweden
  Antonson, Rose Mar 2006 Geneva, IL. USA
Bagnati, Wolf Jun 2012 Norwalk, CT, USA
Barsley, Ivy Mar 2008 Kuranda, Queensland, Australia
Bartkowiak, Mackenzie Jun 2009 Milwaukee, WI, USA
  Bechtler, Jeffery Sep 1987
Bolduc, Jezeca
  Boswell, Mark 1981
  Bottegoni, Gabriele Nov 1998 Ancona, Italy
  Bye, Brenna Sep 2001 Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada
  Crowley, Ethan Jun 1998 Seattle, WA, USA
  Dodd, Christopher Nov 2009 Las Vegas, NV, USA
Eriksson, Sabina Aug 1989 Forshaga, Sweden
  Farrell, Ryan Oct 1978 London, Ontario, Canada
  Frank, Andrew Apr 2000 Merrimack, NH, USA
Fricke, Jayley Apr 2013 Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
Frisone, Anita Nov 2009 Rome, Italy
  Giorgetti, Toni Oct 1978 Renton, WA, USA
  Gray, Enzo Apr 2007
  Hinson, Skylar Oct 2003 Boiling Springs, SC, USA
Holster, Hunter Jun 2009 Wichata Falls, TX, USA
Ivancsics, Amélie Mar 2007 Kemeten, Burgenland, Austria
  Johnson, James Jan 1998 Woodbridge, VA, USA
  Jones, Evan Mar 1976 GA, USA
  Keiser, Cecil Jan 1998 Basil, Switzerland
  Makiranta, Anna Riikka Nov 1991 Finland
Menzies, Stacey Nov 1984 Wellington, New Zealand
Palombi, Daniele Apr 2013 Rome, Italy
  Pastor, Roderick Jul 2000 E. Lansing, MI, USA
  Pesantes, Valeria Mar 2007 Guayaquil, Ecuador
  Poole, Ivy Oct 1996 Temecula, CA. USA
  Quinn, Chandler Nov 1998
Ramsey, Laden Apr 2013 Independence, MO, USA
Ribeiro, Joao May 1985 Braga, Portugal
Richardson, Brooklynn May 2014 Lancaster, CA, USA
  Roan, Elisa Aug 1979 Denver, CO, USA
Schmitt, Camilla May 2014 Wurzburg, Germany
  Schneer, Sylvia Jan 1999 Takoma Park, MD, USA
  Sealock, Amanda Sep 1995 Winchester, VA, USA
  Slider, Tallen Apr 2009 Mogadore, OH, USA
  Smith, Josh Oct 1993 Redford, MI, USA
Spurgeon, Andrew Mar 2008 Bowie, MD, USA
Spurgeon, Joseph Mar 2008 Bowie, MD, USA
  Sutton, Greyson Jul 2000 Garner, NC, USA
  Sweeney, Kaelia Mar 1991 Orient, OH, USA
  Tabacchi, Maria Aug 1987 Oakmount, PA, USA
  Thurman, Bryan Oct 1999 Redlands, CA, USA
Torres, Adria Nov l995 Tampa, FL, USA
  Tremopoulos, Yianni Sep 2004 Canberra, Australia
  Tye, Emily Feb 1998 Menomonie, WI, USA
  Vallante, Federica Nov 1985 Vairano Patenora Via Roma, Italy
van de Grift, Nicky Jul 1990 Bussum, Netherlands
  Villegas, Ava Jul 2008 Justin, TX, USA
Wilkie, Shawn Feb 1995 Santa Ana, CA, USA
Young, Charlotte Jul 1991 Ft Myers, FL, USA

People with related conditions such as Proximal 10q, Proximal 10p, or deletions.
Child Birth Date City Details
  Dramis, Timothy Jan 2006 Jacksonville, FL, USA Proximal Trisomy 10q
  Frossard, Owen Apr 2008 Zionville, IN, USA Proximal Trisomy 10q
Geyser, Caleb Apr 2008 Milwaukee, WI, USA Proximal Trisomy 10q
Griffin, Lisa Aug 1893 Chicopee, MA, USA Trisomy 10p
Love, Angelina Aug 2003 10q deletion
McKinney, Olivia Jan 1994 Columbus, IN, USA Proximal Trisomy 10q
  Sundet, Chase Sep 1999 Mapleton, UT, USA Proximal Trisomy 10q
  Williams, Kira Sep 2006 Los Angeles, CA, USA Proximal Trisomy 10p


Support Links

Here are links to some support groups for children with chromosome disorders.   To our knowledge, this site and the email group are the only Trisomy 10q specific support organizations.   There are other sites listed in the What is Distal Trisomy 10q section.

To Contact Us

Daryl and Leslie Anderson

email: daryl[at]darylanderson[dot]com (change "[at]" to "@", etc. )
email: trisomy10q[at]darylanderson[dot]com (change "[at]" to "@", etc. )

If you have trouble getting a message to us at those addresses, call us at (541) 754-8518.

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