Temple Christian School of Redford, Michigan

Class of 1986 Reunion

Hey all! Remember Temple? In less than a year, it'll be the 20th anniversary of our graduation. Every classmate has gone in a different direction, and most everyone has fallen out of touch. Wouldn't it be good to find out how the Class of 1986 is today and how well they are doing?

I would like to put together a little website of memories and/or current stats, a list of e-mail addresses and maybe even a discussion board for 1986 classmates (just like one I found on Google for the Class of 1979(!!)). Would it also be smart to compile a list of classmates who were with us for the long haul (ones who were in our class but for one reason or another did not graduate with us in June of 1986)??

I currently live in San Francisco, and all my TCS memories are on bookshelves or hidden away at my parent's house, so I need your help with ideas and contributions to build this page into a website. Please contact me at dautermann@spamino.com (note: spamino.com is a spam-protected e-mail address, so you'll be sent an instant response asking to confirm that you really are a real person and not a spambot)

I am particularly interested in photos (of you and of the school, games, band, etc.) and graphics for this (prospective) website. Right now this is just a simple webpage but if we can avoid the usual apathy this page could turn into a whole site. Type back at me and say hello. Thanks!


People I am currently in contact with:

Pam (Kersey) Torkelson
Phil Cobb
Susie (Doss) McAleer

last updated: 10-September-2005