DLS Enterprises

525 Harbor Lane N.
Plymouth, MN 55447


Professional Fast Economical Snowmobile shock service


I have nine years of shock rebuilding experience, 20 years as a mechanical engineer with 6 years of hydraulic component and system design experience and I am a Fox dealer.


I service Fox, ACT, RydeFX, HPG and Walker Evans brands using Amsoil Shock Therapy synthetic shock oil. Rebuildable shocks should be serviced once a year or every 2000 miles. New shocks need to be rebuilt after 300- 500 miles to remove the contaminates like a new 4 cycle engine needs an initial oil change.


Standard shock rebuild rates are only $25 each for all brands that I service. Polaris position sensitive rear track shocks are $35 each. Fox, ACT and RydeFX clickers or reservoir shocks are $35 each. FOX Floats are $35 each. All Walker Evans and HPG Clickers are $45 each. The Arctic Cat dial adjust front track shocks are $55 each. I have the update for the seperator piston in the ACT Dial Adjust for and additional $30. I also do Sno-Pro cross link shocks for $120. These prices include oil only, parts are extra if required. Normally I donít replace seals unless they are leaking. Seal kits are $12.50 per shock for FOX and $14.00 for ACT shocks. I only use Tech-Syn seals. I have the update for the front track shock on the '06 XF std to Sno Pro specs when you change the front track spring to the SP. $75 includes a new valve stack, piston and rebuild. I can also repair most ACT and Fox shocks if the rods are bent or broken and even the bodies or end caps can be replaced. This is always less than a new shock would cost. Turn around is normally 2-3 days from the day I get the shocks and usually only a day or two more if I don't have the parts in stock. I'm located in Plymouth MN near the intersection of 394 & 494. I accept cash, checks or Paypal for those who need to ship their shocks.


If you need to ship your shocks remove all the springs if you can get them off as this saves on shipping costs. Losen the adjuster nut and compress the spring by hand and remove the retainer. If you think you need shafts or seals the best way to go is Paypal as I can get you the exact costs before you pay and after I inspect the shocks. The best way to ship is UPS or FedEx ground. FedEx is about 30% less than UPS. UPS has lots of stores since buying Mail Boxes etc. FedEx bought Kinkos so you can ship from there too. Go to UPS.com or Fedex.com and search for the nearest store to you. You can pay buy using Paypal, money order or personal check. For a personal check I will hold you shocks for seven days from the day I receive the shocks to insure the check clears. Paypal is dlsdave@hotmail.com. Put them in a box with lots of packing material as the get thrown around and include a check or money order covering rebuilding and return shipping ($10 for the 5 state area or $15 for all other states) or you can use Paypal. Also include your contact information and return address. Include both phone number and email as well as the exact make, model and year of the snowmobile the shocks came from. Call or e-mail Dave with any questions.