Creation Essentials, Creation Non-Essentials

Part 4: Essentials and Non-Essentials


We suggest that the Creation topic is one in which a multitude of interpretations exist, and that mature Christians should be aware of all sides of the debate. In this final summary section, elements of the Creation debate are categorized into three groups: a) essentials which should be taught according to one interpretation; b) non-essentials which, when taught, could include multiple interpretations; and c) elements which should not be taught as valid interpretations. Of course, this is just an initial proposal and will certainly be subject to debate.


Essentials: One interpretation

         The Triune God is solely responsible for creation (1 Corinthians 8:6, John 1:3, Gen. 1:2)

         The purpose of creation is to give God glory ( Col 1:16 , Rom 11:36 , Eph 3:9, Psalm 19:1)

         The creation is not divine, and should not be worshiped (Gen 1, Exodus 20:3)

         All species (kinds) were specially created (Gen 1)

         Man is a unique creation, endowed with the image of God (Gen 1:27 )

        The fall caused separation between God and man, introducing sin and death to mankind (Rom. 5:12 )

Non-essentials: Multiple interpretations

         The date of the acts of creation

         The length of time involved in the acts of creation

         Micro-evolution (small changes within species)

Invalid interpretations

        Macroevolution (the transformation from inorganic to organic compounds, and forward to all lifeforms). Includes theistic evolution.

         That long creation days (with death before the fall) invalidate the gospel message

         Genesis as myth (i.e. did not occur in space-time)

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