New Eleusis Registry



Try the internet version of
New Eleusis
under development by
Timofey Nevolin and give him some feedback.


Dave Moser
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Playing for 30 years.  (Webmaster)

Otaway Thomas
Escondido, California, USA
Playing for 30 years.  Holds record for low scoring "God".
Comes up with weird rules, but will play 'till dawn.

Howard Williams
San Diego, California, USA
Playing for 15 years.  Very enthusiastic.

Scott Anderson
Big Bear, California, USA
Playing for 30 years
Keeps records of how rules have scored.  Uses the good ones again.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Tucson, AZ

Antonio Bellini
Via Barducci, 19
50018 Scandicci (FI)
I know Eleusis since 1980, when I read the article about it in the Italian version of Scientific American. I played some time with some friends, but it is difficult to find people who like Eleusis.  So it is a long time that I don't play.  Before dying I would like to have some other play.

Don Johnson
I have always wanted to play.
I live in Fairfax in N. VA near DC. 703-267-5670

Javier Marco Lledo
I´m Spanish.  I work in the Faculty of medicine from University "Miguel Hernández" (Elche, Spain)

Thiago Requião de Oliviera
Salvador/Bahia Brazil 
Very novice,
If someone have some notes about the game for computer please let me know, this game is a wonderful challenge to put it in bits and bytes...
Andreas Schamanek
  Vienna, Austria
  Devoted novice.
I am an absolute novice. But being through Theories of Complex Dynamic Systems and Constructivism I knew exactly that Eleusis is *the one* game I have always been looking for after I had read the first two paragraphs in Abbott's original publication. I am currently looking forward to finding interested people here in Vienna, Austria, to play Eleusis.


I've been playing since the article came out back in 77.  I was in High School then and my circle of friends were/are the _very_ brainy sort. 
We still get together occasionally and when we do we often play Eleusis.
There _has_ to be a way to play an Eleusis type (pattern solving) game via email. I think this game could have a good following via the internet.  We've got to put our heads together to come up with rules for E-leusis.

Marek Bernat
Vinosady, Slovakia

I have just discovered Eleusis and it is brilliant!
I am considering an option of writing the multiplayer computer game
of Eleusis, so that players from around the world could play together.


Stephen Johnson
Hoboken, New Jersey

I have been playing this wonderful game for years. We usually played on the floor, because the pattern would become so long, and even then might have to make it turn a corner to fit. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as suddenly grasping the pattern and declaring oneself prophet, or quite as ignominious when proved wrong and deposed.


Marty Dooley
Oakland, California

Absolute novice