James Franklin Martin

Not to be confused with his grandfather James Martin, James Franklin Martin was the twelfth of the fourteen children of Nathaniel Martin and Hannah Strader. Like all too many of his siblings, James died very young. He was born 10 August 1865 and died 31 July 1866, his lifetime spent entirely in Martintown, WI. James (like his namesake grandfather) is buried in the Martin cemetery.

Shown is the reverse side of the gravemarker of Nathaniel and Hannah Martin. Photograph taken 2 November 2005 by Dave Smeds. This marker, the largest in the Martin cemetery, was used not only for the couple but for five of their children -- all ones who died as infants or toddlers. The inscriptions devoted to William and Christa Belle (Christie B.) are positioned on the two sides, while the back commemorates Charles, James Franklin, and Hannah.

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