Gaddy, Elijah

Birth Name Gaddy, Elijah
Gramps ID I0723
Gender male
Age at Death 56 years, 1 month


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1765 Bedford Co., VA  

Death 1821-02-00 Wilson Co., TN  

Probate 1821-04-11 Wilson Co., TN  



Father Gaddey, George Sr. [I0716]
Mother Stovall, Anne [I0717]
  1. Gaddy, William [I0718]
  2. Gaddy, George Jr. [I0719]
  3. Gaddy, Mary [I0720]
  4. Gaddy, Bartholomew [I0693]
  5. Gaddy, Ruth [I0721]
  6. Gaddy, Anna [I0722]
  7. Gaddy, Francis [I0724]
  8. Gaddy, Benjamin [I0725]


From The Family of Bartholomew Stovall (Eight Generations of Stovalls in England and America)

Elijah, b. c.1762, will proved 11 April 1821, Wilson Co., Tenn.,[35] m. (1) Madison Co. , Ky. (bond 1 April 1788)[36] Molly Blackwell, m. there (2) (bond 7 Oct. 1796)[37] Eliza Mannon, living 24 Aug. 1802.[38] On 1 June 1796 he bought 100 acres on Otter Creek, Madison Co. from David and Anna Crews;[39] he sold this land, his (unnamed) wife mentioned but not signing, 24 May 1802 to John Miller (Sr.).[38] He was in Wilson Co., Tenn. by 1804[40] and there cohabited with, but was not married to, Lydia (Fuller) Ranney, "formerly wife of William Ranney", as she is described in his will, dated 17 Feb. 1817.[35] By her Elijah Gaddy had 11 children who bore his name,[41] who inherited from him to the exclusion of his legitimate children pursuant to his will,[35] and who were beneficiaries of a division of his lands by commissioners on 20 Aug. 1823.[42] Issue.

[35] Wilson Co. Wills 3:127. A William Ranney, 1 poll, no land, was taxed in Madison Co., Ky., 1st District, p. 13, in April 1797. He may be the husband of Lydia (Fuller) Ranney. There is no record of any divorce or marriage, and the will is explicit in providing for "Lydia Raney and her children", identified by first name only, and in protecting the estate reserved for them from any claims or demands by William Ranney, who might then have been still alive. From this it is perfectly clear that Elijah's children by Lydia were born out of wedlock.
[36] Madison Co. Marriage Bonds (original), Jeremiah Crews, surety.
[37] Madison Co. Marriage Bonds (original), James Phelps, surety.
[38] Madison Co. Deeds E:364, rec. same day.
[39] Id. B:289, ackn. and rec. 5 June 1792.
[40] Thomas F. Partlow, ed., Wilson County, Tennessee Tax Lists 1803-1807 (Easley, S.C., 1974), p. 18. He then held 240 acres on Hickman Creek. He may have been on the 1803 list, which is incomplete.
[41] Wilson Co. Wills 5:193, 20 Jan. 1829, account of John Bass as guardian of Ezekiel and Elizabeth Gaddy, minor heirs of Elijah Gaddy.
[42] Wilson Co. Deeds 1:504, ackn. Sept. 1823, rec. 12 Dee. 1823. The males and unmarried females all bore the name of Gaddy. The making of this division at this time may indicate that Lydia, mother of the children, was dead by this time.


From info provide by Clarice Gaddy Marker:

Elijah Gaddy Sr. was born in 1765 in Bedford County, VA and died in Feb 1821 in Wilson County, TN at age 56.

General Notes: Elijah Gaddy was a tax payer in 1788 in Madison County, KY. He is shown with one White Male Tithe, no blacks over 16 years of age and 3 horses. Madison Couny Tax List, 1788, Page 144.

Added note: List found in basement of 'Administration Building, "Old Capitol", May 1922. He is also shown in the 1792 Census for that county As there being 1 White Male above 21 and 3 horses, 6 head of cattle, and 100 acres. Madison County Tax List, 1792, Page 158. Early Kentucky Tax Records - From The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society.

There is record of the marriage of Elijah Gaddy and Molly Blackwell 1 Apr 1788, Madison County, KY. Marriage Book ?, Page 67. "Early Marriage Records of Madison County, KY, shows their marriage on page 67, the date being April 1798

Elijah Gaddy paid taxes in Madison County, Kentucky 1789. First Census of Kentucky FHL 976.9 x2ph Page 38

There is a transcription of court records by Janette West Grimes, March 26, 1953, for allegedly Smith County, TN September 1802. The first census report for Smith County is 1810 so it is possible Smith County didn't exist is 1802. What is recorded is: "Tuesday, September 21, 1802, deed, 240 acres of land, Thomas Hickman to Elijah Gaddy, proven by the oath of Charles Kavanaugh, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto". This may or may not have been our Elijah Gaddy. This researcher didn't find a census report for Smith County for 1800. The 1810 census report didn't show an Elijah Gaddy in residence.

Elijah was mentioned in his mother's will.

Elijah is shown in the 1820 Census Report for Lebanon, Wilson, TN:
Males Free Females Free Male Slaves Female Slaves
Under 10 2 3 Under 14 0 0
10-16 3 0 To 26 1 1
16-26 0 0 To 45 1 0
26-45 0 0 45+ 0 1

The Will and Inventories of Elijah Gaddy:
In the name of God, Amen, I, Elijah Gaddy of the County of Wilson and State of Tennessee being in perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this to be my last will and testimony. The matter and form as followeth to wit: First I desire and intend to give and bequeath all my real and person estate of Lydia Raney and her children named as follows: Polly, Francis, James, Lucinda, John, George, David, Lydia, Elijah, Elizabeth, together with one the said Lydia Raney is now pregnant with after my just debts are all paid and in the manner and form herein described to wit Lydia Raney is to have the plantation whereon I now live containing 240 acres of land with all the improvements here detailed and appurtenancy there unto belonging with all my personal property except a $70 horse intended to be given my son Thomas Gaddy and $300 which is the proceeds of the 300 acres of land I sold to Joseph Calloway. I wish my executor to take out of my estate, in 1 year after the said Lydia Raney's decease and divide it equally betwix my three children: (Sally?), Anna, Thomas Gaddy, though it is to be understood that if Lydia Raney should here after marry, die, or William Raney should undertake and assume the benefit of any or all that part of the above described estate in consequence of a former marriage with her that is designated to Lydia Raney and her children above named in either of these cases my trusted friends, my executor after named, are fully authorized and empowered to have all the above mentioned estate both real and personal equally divided between all Lydia Raney's children above named that remain at that time on hand. Anyway, that in their dividing may think most conductive to each and every of their interest.
It is to be understood that the said Lydia Raney is to be bound to raise and support her above mentioned children and give them modern schooling until they become of age of marry. And she is further bound to use her endeavor to learn them to work so long as they are with her. It is understood that the above mentioned Thomas Gaddy is to have the above $70 horse at my decease. And last I do hereby constitute my trusted friends: Daniel Alexander, Joseph Bolling executor of this my last will and testiment by hereby revoking all other form of wills and testament by me here to for made.
In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal the 17 day of February 1817.
-- <signed> Elijah Gaddy

Signed, sealed, published and declared to be the last will and testament of the above Elijah Gaddy in the presence of:
-- William Thweatt
-- Polly Neal
-- Henry Thweatt
-- James Thweatt

The written lost will of Elijah Gaddy deceased was produced in open court and proved by the oath of William and Henry Thweatt, two of the subscribing witnesses there to and ordered to be recorded. The same recorded 11 April 1821
-- John Alcorn, Clerk, Co. Ct.

*There is an added note by the transcriber referring to Elijah's three children: "Other sources quote 'Sally' as the 3rd child". Perhaps the name as written was not legible. Wilson County, Tennessee, Wills and Inventories, Book 3, Pages 127-138.

Elijah Gaddey, Deceas' do certify that the following is a true inventory of the Estate of Elijah Gaddey as was to us produced by the Administrator there of:
Cash $15.00
One Eight day clock 15.00
1 Pare of (Gears?) 1.75
1 double tree and 2 swingle trees 1.50
1 dimon plough 4.50
1 chopping ax .50
1 broad ax 2.50
1 saddle & blanket 10.00
9 head of shoats 3.00
1 brood sow 1.00
1 lot of tobacco by the (crate?) 1.50
30 barrells of corn 15.00
70 barrells of corn in the bottom 17.50
1 sorrel filley 10.00
1 brown mare & colt 60.00

-- John McKisorik
-- Hiram Fugett
-- S.S.W. Campbell

Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 17th day of June 1848.
-- William Campbell, J.P.

There apparently was some dispute regarding the distribution of Elijah's land. At a court session 20 Aug 1823 in Wilson County, a special panel allocated Elijah's 152 acres among his heirs. This was recorded the 12th December 1823.

Elijah married Molly Blackwell on 1 Apr 1788 in Madison Co, KY. Molly was born about 1769 in Madison Co., KY and died in 1796 in Madison Co, KY about age 27. They had three children:
1) Sarah Gaddy was born about 1789 in Madison Co., KY.
2) Elizabeth Anna Gaddy was born about 1790 in Madison Co, KY.
3) Thomas Blackwell Gaddy was born in 1793 in Madison Co, KY and died before 5 Mar 1855 in Clay County, MO. Thomas married Elizabeth (Betsy) Walker, daughter of John Walker and Susan Morgan, on 6 Jan 1815 in Estill County, KY. Elizabeth was born in 1801 in Lexington, Fayette, KY and died in Aug 1872 in Barton Co, MO at age 71. They had nine children: Elijah, William N., Susan, Mary Elizabeth, Collins, John Price, Thomas Blackwell, Joseph William, and James Francis Cicera.
Elijah next married Elizabeth Manson on 7 Oct 1796 in Madison Co., KY. Elizabeth was born about 1775 and died after 24 Aug 1802.

Elijah next married Lydia Fuller, daughter of Thomas Fuller and Catherine Mellichamp, Cohabited. Lydia was born on 3 Mar 1777 in Kentucky and died (Bet 1821-1830) in Wilson County, TN at age 44. They had 11 children: Mary (Polly), Frances, James K Polk, Lucinda, John, George, David Marion, Lydia Ann, Elijah, Elizabeth Fuller, and Ezekial F.
1) Mary (Polly) Gaddy was born on 29 Mar 1799 in Wilson County, TN and died on 11 Feb 1860 in Lawrence Co, IL at age 60. Mary married Pleasant Tarpley on 30 Oct 1816 in Wilson County, TN. Pleasant died on 18 Oct 1834. They had three children: Elijah Gaddy, James, and Pleasant.
Mary next married Willis Blanchard. Willis was born in 1784 in North Carolina.
2) Frances Gaddy was born in 1800 in Wilson County, TN and died on 24 Oct 1829 at age 29. Frances married Delphin Bass, son of Ezekial Bass and Sally Vincent, on 23 Oct 1818 in Wilson County, TN. Delphin was born in 1788 in North Carolina and died in 1823 in Dallas Co, MO at age 35. They had six children: d/o Delphin, d/o Delphin, James, d/o Delphin, Elijah, and s/o Delphin.
3) James K Polk Gaddy was born on 2 Jan 1802 in Wilson County, TN and died on 26 Apr 1879 in Lawrence Co, IL at age 77. James married Elizabeth Bass, daughter of John Bass and Ann Wherry, on 14 Jun 1821 in Wilson County, TN. Elizabeth was born on 4 Feb 1804 in Wilson County, TN and died after 1880 in Lawrence Co, IL. They had ten children: James Fuller, John, Elizabeth, Frances, Louisa Ann, Malinda, Sion, George, Eliza Jane/Lucinda, and Lucy.
4) Lucinda Gaddy was born in 1804 in Wilson County, TN and died after 1821.
5) John Gaddy was born in 1805 in Wilson County, TN, died on 22 Dec 1878 in Noble, Richland, IL at age 73, and was buried in Shiloh Cem #2, Noble, Richland, IL. John married Louisa Ann Bass on 20 Jan 1826 in Wilson County, TN. Louisa was born about 1808 in Wilson County, TN and died abt 1859(?) about age 51. They had ten children: Anna, Malinda, John D, Mary, Lucinda, Elizabeth, Sion J, James Knox Polk, Richard M, and Alfred
John next married Polly Pierce St John on 3 Nov 1859 in Richland County, IL. Polly was born about 1825 in Indiana. They had three children: Charles, Mathew M, and Emma.
6) George Gaddy was born in 1806 in Wilson County, TN. George married Lucy Bass in 1827. Lucy was born about 1 Mar 1815 in Tennessee and died on 8 Jan 1851 about age 35. They had seven children: Martha A, Taressa, Anna, Elizabethe, Eliza, Lidia, and Mary.
7) David Marion Gaddy was born in 1808 in Wilson County, TN and died on 31 Jan 1890 in Bigelow, Perry, AR at age 82. David married Winnifred Jordan about 1840 in Richland County, IL. Winnifred died before 1850. They had five children: Martha Jane, Lydia, George W, Sarah, and David Marion.
David next married Lucy Baird on 3 Oct 1852 in Richland County, IL.
8) Lydia Ann Gaddy was born on 5 Jun 1811 in Wilson County, TN, died on 14 Dec 1877 in Lukin, Lawrence, IL at age 66, and was buried in Bell Cemetery. Lydia married John Franklin George in Apr 1830 in (Wilson Co., TN). John was born on 5 Oct 1805 in Jackson Co, TN, died on 4 Mar 1888 in Lukin, Lawrence, IL at age 82, and was buried in Bell Cemetery. They had nine children: David, Mary, Thomas David, Ambrose, Lydia, Elijah, Martha, Eliza Jane, and James Franklin.
9) Elijah Gaddy Jr. was born on 22 Aug 1814 in Wilson County, TN and died on 14 Mar 1902 in Lukin, Lawrence, IL at age 87. Elijah married Emma Amy Moore, daughter of f/o Amy Moore and Catherine m/o Amy Moore, on 14 Feb 1836 in Wabash, IL. Emma was born about 1820 in Illinois and died before 1900 in Illinois. They had nine children: Mary Catherine, James E, Lucinda, Sarah, Lydia, Martha, Rachel, Elijah T, and Elizabeth J.
10) Elizabeth Fuller Gaddy was born on 15 Dec 1815 in Wilson County, TN, died on 24 May 1858 in Wabash County, IL at age 42, and was buried in Wright/Gaddy Cemetery, Lukin, Lawrence, IL. Elizabeth married John Montgomery in Apr 1830 in Wabash, Lawrence, IL. John was born on 9 Jan 1809 in North Carolina, died on 4 Dec 1858 in Wabash County, IL at age 49, and was buried in Wright/Gaddy Cemetery, Lukin, Lawrence, IL. They had 11 children: James, William, George, John, Lucinda, Leonard, Malinda, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Martha A, and Elijah.
11) Ezekial F Gaddy was born on 6 Jul 1817 in Wilson County, TN and died on 15 Jan 1891 in Lawrence Co, IL at age 73. Ezekial married Elizabeth Nancy Paul on 19 Oct 1843 in Lawrence Co, IL. Elizabeth was born about 1825 in Virginia. They had 11 children: Thomas, William, James M, Lucinda, Amanda Caroline, Samuel, Elizabeth, George, Peter Charles, Ezekiel F, and Levi.

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  1. Gaddey, George Sr.
    1. Stovall, Anne
      1. Gaddy, William
      2. Gaddy, George Jr.
      3. Gaddy, Mary
      4. Gaddy, Bartholomew
      5. Gaddy, Ruth
      6. Gaddy, Anna
      7. Gaddy, Elijah
      8. Gaddy, Francis
      9. Gaddy, Benjamin