Bell, Walter

Birth Name Bell, Walter
Gramps ID I1074
Gender male
Age at Death 49 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1710 Middlebie Parish, Dumfriesshire, Scotland  

Residence 1737 Hanover Township, PA warranted land in Hanover Township, now Dauphin County 1737

Death 1759 Hanover Township, PA died 1759 in (now) Dauphin County, Pa.



Married Wife , Elizabeth [I1078]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage about 1736   Marriage of Bell, Walter and , Elizabeth

  1. Bell, John [I1082]
  2. Bell, Hannah [I1083]
  3. Bell, Walter [I1084]
  4. Bell, Andrew [I0821]
  5. Bell, George [I1085]
  6. Bell, Elizabeth [I1086]
  7. Bell, Samuel [I1087]
  8. Bell, Rosannah [I1088]
  9. Bell, Thomas [I1079]
  10. Bell, Robert [I1080]
  11. Bell, James [I1081]


The Bells in Ireland and Scotland by Raymond M. Bell

During the summer of 1938 the writer spent three weeks in the British Isles. Several days were spent in looking up the Bell family history. One of the best sources of information was the library of The Society of Genealogists, Chaucer House, Malet Place, London, W.C.1. Of particular interest there was a book published in 1932 "The Bell Family in Dumfriesshire" by James Steuart. Unfortunately the book is out of print. This was the chief source for Scotland. In Belfast the Public Library, Public Record Office and Presbyterian Historical Society were the principal sources of information. No attempt was made to link up any of the American Branches of the Bell family with those in Ireland and Scotland. Since most of the early Pennsylvania Bells migrated to America about 1725, no attempt was made to follow the British records after that date.

The Bells came from Middlebie Parish, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. The writer had tea in August at the home of Mr. George Bell, Glensohr, Waterbeck.

Middlebie Parish was formed in 1609. In the old Middlebie kirkyard twenty of the forty graves have the Bell name on them. They are dated mostly in the 1600s and 1700s. The first three ministers of Middlebie Kirk of whom there is record were named Bell. Some of the early stones have Bell coats of arms (Three Bells) on them. Thomas, John, William, George, Andrew and Robert Bell are among the names found on the old stones.

In 1835 one writer said of Middlebie "This parish has long been celebrated for its families of the name of Bell, so much so that the Bells of Middlebie became a common expression in Dumfriesshire. At one time for forty square miles most of the people were named Bell. They were all Presbyterians and owned their own land. Now they have migrated to America and all parts of the Empire."

Middlebie is not far from the English border. The Bells were of reputed Anglo-Norman origin, and first appeared in Dumfriesshire in 1300. There were many changes between 1545 when the register of the Privy Council begins, and 1800 when most of the Middlebie Bells were gone. In the 1600s many Bells went to Southern Ireland; the early 1700s saw them migrate to Pennsylvania. There were three Bells who appeared in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, about 1735. William Bell died 1783, leaving sons, John, George, William, Thomas, Arthur, Andrew; Walter Bell died 1759 leaving sons Thomas, Robert, James, John, Walter, Andrew, George and Samuel. Thomas Bell died 1759 leaving sons Thomas, James and Samuel.

- - - - -

Bells in America

MARTHA BELL, wife of James McCausland (only son of John McCausland of Pennsylvania and Virginia), was the daughter of Andrew Bell of Mifflin Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, whose father was Walter Bell.

Walter Bell located in Hanover Township [a part of Lancaster County that later became Dauphin County], and is shown on the very early tax lists. He took up land there in 1737. Walter Bell died about October of 1759 and his estate was administered by his widow Elizabeth and Robert Bell his son. In December 1769 his children are listed as Robert, Thomas, James, Walter, John, Hannah (wife of William McClure), ANDREW, George, Elizabeth, Samuel and Rosannah, a minor. The records of Big Spring Presbyterian Church of Newville, Pa. in 1787 show the names of John, Andrew and Robert, who were brothers and sons of Walter Bell of Hanover.

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The following record is given on page 45 of the book, "The Bell Family of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania", by Raymond Martin Bell, published at Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1941.

A. WALTER BELL born 1710 died 1759 in (now) Dauphin County, Pa., warranted land in Hanover Township, now Dauphin County 1737; married c 1736 Elizabeth ________ Issue:
(1) Thomas Bell b. c 1737....? see Q?
(2) Robert Bell b. 1739, lived in Newton Township Cumberland County, Pa. 1772 - 1796, married Jean ________ b. 1738. Issue: John (?) b. 1770, Walter b. 1771, William b. 1772, David b. 1774, Margaret b. 1776, and others.
(3) James Bell b. c 1741.......? Alleghaney or Juniata County
(4) John Bell b. 1742 died 1815, Derry Township, Westmoreland County, Pa. married 1773 Martha Gilchrist 1747 - 1826; lived in Newton Township, Cumberland County, 1772-1794. Ancestor of Mrs. H. K. McJunkin, 7726 Stanton Avenue, Swissvale, Pa. Issue: Jane, (Pomroy) b. 1779, John, Elizabeth (Barr) died 1853, Walter died 1848, Martha (Moorhead) 1789-1877, James Gilchrist 1796-1853.
(5) Hannah Bell b. c 1743, married 1767 William McClure, died 1774, Peters Township, Cumberland County; married (2nd) Hugh Hamilton. Issue {McClure): John, b. 1770, Walter b. 1772, Ann b. 1774.
(6) Walter Bell b. 1745, died 1796, Maytown, Lancaster County, Pa. married Catherine ________ 1744 - 1822, buried at Donegal.
(7) ANDREW BELL b. 1747, died 1822 Mifflin Township, Cumberland County, Pa. married Elizabeth ________ in Newton Township as early as 1775; ancestor of Mrs. S. M. Greenawalt, 419 Philadelphia Avenue, Chambersburg, Pa. Issue: Elizabeth (Jones) born 1774, Samuel 1777-1823, Martha (also called Patsy) McCausland b. 1780 Rosanna (McCord) born 1783, Sarah (Redett) born 1786, Andrew 1790-1824.
(8) George Bell born c 1748.......? Dauphin County..?
(9) Elizabeth Bell born c 1750 married c 1769 Andrew Thompson.
(10) Samuel Bell born c 1752.......? Dauphin or Huntington County?
(11) Rosannah Bell born 1754 died 1834 Derry Township, Westmoreland County, married 1st William Bell (son of William Bell J, died 1784 Letterkenny Township, Cumberland County, Issue: William 1782-l839, Walter 1783-1868; married 2nd. William Bell 1755-1828? Bros. Samuel & John ? bought land in Westmoreland County 1786 ? Issue: Andrew, Robert, Samuel, John Lettie, Elizabeth.

-- All from the McCausland Family Genealogy prepared by Berta E. MacCarty

Source References

  1. McCausland Family Genealogy [S0170]
      • Page: information from Raymond M. Bell


    1. Bell, Walter
      1. , Elizabeth
        1. Bell, Thomas
        2. Bell, Robert
        3. Bell, James
        4. Bell, John
        5. Bell, Hannah
        6. Bell, Walter
        7. Bell, Andrew
        8. Bell, George
        9. Bell, Elizabeth
        10. Bell, Samuel
        11. Bell, Rosannah