McClanahan, Robert

Birth Name McClanahan, Robert 1
Gender male


Birth about 1720  at  Co. Antrim, Ulster, Ireland
Death 1791  at  Augusta Co., VA


Father McClanahan, John [I0388]
Mother McChubit, Agnes [I0389]
  1. McClanahan, Elijah [I0849]


Augusta County in the Valley of Virginia was not visited by white men before Gobernor Spotswood in person took possession for King George I in 9/5/1716. The first white settlers were John Lewis-the father of Thomas, Andrew, William and Charles-from Donegal County, Ulster Ireland and was of Scottish descent, Settled on "Lewis Creek"

Robert McClanahan with wife Sarah Breckenridge, daughter of Alexander Breckenridge, from North of Ireland in 1728, removed from Pennslyvania to a farm near present site of Staunton in Augusta Co. Va. At his home one mile south of Stauton, on what is now known as Greenville Road; The "emigrant" founder.

Marriage 1 Sarah Breckenridge b: 1724 in County Antrim, Ireland
Married: 1739 in PA 1
1) James McClanahan
2) Col. Alexander McClanahan b: 1724 in Ireland
Much of the information I have concerning Col. Alexander McClanahan (McClanaghan, etc)
comes from books such as 'The Old Virginia Clerks, 1634-present' (1888.) He commanded a
company in Bouquette's expedition in 1764,then lived on a farm yet always active in
fighting indians around Augusta settlement. He was one of the justices on the bench
1774-08-22, soon after joined Col. Charles Lewis' regiment 1775 appointed Lt Col. of the
Seventh regiment, he was at the battle of Great Bridge 1775 1776 his name appears on
the book of General Lewis' command as Col. McClanahan. 1784-01-07 he is issued warrant
for several thou acres land in KY for services as a Col Virginia line. His wife was Eleanor (Sallie)
Shelton, sister of Patrick Henry's first wife. He left a son (John) who died unmarried, and two
daughters on of whom married ??Abney and the other ??Austin. He writes a letter to Tomas
Adams, President 1778-04-26 resigning his commission due to bad health. This info appears
in the Jnls. of the House of Delegates, 1781-85/86 . He is the son of Robert McClenachan
and Sarah Breckenridge both b. in county Antrim, Ireland.
3) Letitia McClanahan b: 1725
4) Jean McClanahan b: 1740 in Augusta, VA
5) Jane McClanahan b: 8 DEC 1740 in Augusta, VA
6) Mary Agnes 'Polly' McClanahan b: 1744 in Augusta Co., Va
Married Thomas Poage b: 1739 in Augusta Co., Va on 27 APR 1762 in Augusta Co., Va
7) Robert McClanahan b: 19 APR 1747 in Augusta Co., VA
Married Catherine MADISON b: Abt 1754 in Augusta Co., VA on 15 May 1770 in Augusta Co., VA
Died at the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774 and left two orphaned sons:
Robert McClenacha n & John McClenachan.
Baptism: McClanahan Times- Vol 3 Issue 1 Mar 1997.
The Tinkling Spring: Headwater of Freedom:
Baptism-Robert McClenochan---19 April 1747
Killed at Point Pleasant Indian fight in 1774
Contemporary Verse
Brave Lewis our Colonel, an officer bold,
At the mouth of Kanhawa did the Shawnees behold.
On the tenth of October, at the rising sun,
The armies did meet and the battle begun.
One thousand, one hundred we had on hand
Two thirds of this number to the battle did go.
The Shawnees nine hundred, some say many more,
We formed our battle on the Ohio shore.
Like thunder from from heaven our rifles did roar,
Till twice of the clock, or perhapssomething more,
And during this time the Shawnees did fly,
Whilst many a brave man on the groundthere did lie.
From twelve until sunset some shots there did fly,
By this kind of fighting, great numbers did die,
But night coming on, the poor Shawnees did yield,
Being no longer able to maintain the field.
Forty brave men on the ground there did lie,
Besides forty more of our wounded did die,
Killed and wounded on the Ohio shore,
Was one hundred and forty and perhaps something more.
What the Shawnees did lose we never did hear,
The bodies of twenty did only appear,
into the Ohio the rest they did throw
The just number of which we never did know.
Charles lewis our Colonel was the first in the field,
He received a ball but his life he did not yield,
In the pursuit of honor he did animate,
All those that fought near him or on him did wait.
George Fleming was a Colonel, courageous and bold,
He had been a hero, a hero of old,
He received three balls but did not retire,
He animated his men and to camp did retire.
Brave Fields was a Colonel courageous and bold,
Who had been a hero, a hero of old,
He received a ball and but these words said,
"Fight on brother soldiers and don't be dismayed".
There was good Captain Buford and old Captain Ward,
They were both in the battle and fought very hard,
They fought like two heroes, and like heroes did die,
And in short time time on the ground there did lie.
Of commanders and subalterns great many did die,
And like our brave captains on the ground there did lie,
There was Goldman and Allen and a great many more,
Had the honor of dying on the Ohio shore.
There was Capt. John Murray, and McClanahan,
They were both in the field when the battle was begun, (52)
They fought like two heroes, and like heroes did die,
And in a short time on the ground they did lie.
There's cowardly Haynes, I am sorry for him,
His valiant Lieutanant commanded his men,
While he poor soul in the brush work did lie,
Like a roigue in a halter, condemned to die.
And old Andrew Lewis, in his tent he did set,
With his cowards around him, alas he did sweat,
His blankets spread over him, and hearing the guns roar,
Saying was I at home, I would come here no more.
There was Slaughter and Christie both valiant and kind,
Waiting for provisions, their command was behind,
The day of the battle they heard of the fight,
They made a long march and joined us that night.
The chief of the Shawnees and Mingoes so poor,
Declared with us they would nver fight more,
These words do confirm, did each, hostages give,
That they and their wives and children might live.
52 Another versiuon give the first two lines as follows:
"Wilson, Murray and McClanahan,
Were all in the field when the battle begun,
Ref: Documentary History of DUNMORE'S WAR 1774
by Reuben Gold Thwaites, LL. D. and Louise Phelps Kellogg, PH.D.
8) Agnes McClanahan b: 1748 in Shelby Co. Ky
9) John McClanahan b: ABT 1749 in Augusta Co., VA
Married Margaret Ann LEWIS b: 5 Jul 1751 in Rockingham Co., VA
10) William McClanahan b: 10 JAN 1748/49

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  1. McClanahan, John
    1. McChubit, Agnes
      1. McClanahan, Elijah
      2. McClanahan, Robert