Burton, Thomas

Birth Name Burton, Thomas
Gender male


Birth possibly in VA, or he may have emigrated as a child or young adult,  about 1634   1a
Death 1685-01-00  at  Henrico Co., VA 1b


Married Wife Hatcher, Susannah [I1194]
  Marriage Marriage of Burton, Thomas and Hatcher, Susannah,  about 1663  at  Henrico Co., VA 1b
  1. Burton, Thomas [I1195]
  2. Burton, John [I1196]
  3. Burton, Isaac [I1197]
  4. Burton, Abraham [I1198]
  5. Burton, Ann [I1181]


From The Family of Bartholomew Stovall
(Eight Generations of Stovalls in England and America)

Thomas Burton of Henrico County

The primary study of the life of Thomas Burton is still that by Francis Burton Harrison, published in 1933.[10] He may have been born (about 1634) in Virginia or he may have emigrated as a child or young adult. While the remaining Charles City County court order books contain a number of references to his brother John Burton, whose will, dated 12 February 1689/90 and proved in Henrico County 1 April 1690, makes no reference to Thomas,[11] there is only one item relating to Thomas; on 20 April 1663 Thomas Crane, merchant was nonsuited against him.[12] On 2 June 1679 he appears as one tithable on the Henrico County list,[13] and on 10 July 1680 he acquired by assignment a patent to 350 acres of the plantation called "Cobbs" on the Appomattox River.[14]

On 19 June 1679 John Puckett deposed that Thomas Burton (Sr.) took apple trees belonging to George Freeman for the benefit of Burton's own children.[15] On 13 December 1681 Thomas Burton made gifts of cattle and swine to his sons John and Abraham Burton[16] and on 1 January 1685/6 he made a deed of gift of land to his four sons, Thomas (eldest), John, Isaac and Abraham (youngest).[17] Within a month he was dead and his widow Susannah was granted administration of his intestate estate on 1 February 1685/6.[18] An estate inventory was filed 1 April 1686.[19] Estate debts were paid by 1 December 1686.[20]

The marriage of Thomas Burton to Susannah Hatcher will have taken place in 1662 or 1663, given the known age of their eldest son, but any record of it is long lost. It is not necessary to follow the fortunes of their sons for the purposes of this study; Harrison has done that.[10] It is only necessary to take note of their approximate dates of birth and to say something more about the eldest son Thomas Burton (Jr.).


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  1. Burton, Thomas
    1. Hatcher, Susannah
      1. Burton, Thomas
      2. Burton, John
      3. Burton, Isaac
      4. Burton, Abraham
      5. Burton, Ann