Burton, Thomas

Birth Name Burton, Thomas
Gender male


Birth age 16, 1 April 1680,  1663  at  Henrico Co., VA 1a
Death before 1691-11-09  at  New England 1a


Father Burton, Thomas [I1193]
Mother Hatcher, Susannah [I1194]
  1. Burton, John [I1196]
  2. Burton, Isaac [I1197]
  3. Burton, Abraham [I1198]
  4. Burton, Ann [I1181]


From The Family of Bartholomew Stovall
(Eight Generations of Stovalls in England and America)

Thomas, b. 1663/4 (age 16, 1 April 1680),[26] dead in New England by 9 Nov. 1691,[27] m. as first husband Elizabeth ---, d. Boston 4 Nov. 1709,[28] who m. (2) John Bucanan.[29] Apart from the land given him by his father,[17] Thomas Burton (Jr.) was devised for life 226 acres of land and given horses, cattle, a sheep, a year's schooling, and clothing until he reached the age of 17 years, in the will of William Hatcher [see below]. His brother John demanded that his estate be delivered to him on 1 Oct. 1687; the court directed that his stepfather John Steward either deliver the property or give appropriate security.[30] Edward Hatcher, as eldest son and heir of William Hatcher, petitioned the Court 1 Feb. 1691/2 to recover the land devised for life to Thomas Burton (Jr.) by his father,[31] and after the death of Thomas was confirmed the land was in fact delivered to Edward Hatcher. No issue.


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Source References

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  1. Burton, Thomas
    1. Hatcher, Susannah
      1. Burton, Thomas
      2. Burton, John
      3. Burton, Isaac
      4. Burton, Abraham
      5. Burton, Ann