By David J. Riggs

   A. Heb. 11:30 says, "By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after
      they were encircled for seven days."
   B. God promised to give the land of Canaan to Abraham and his
      descendants. Gen. 15:7
      1. Joshua was leading the Israelites, and they were at the     
         brink of possessing the land.
      2. It had been many years since the promise of God was made,
         and they still did not possess the land.
      3. No doubt, the Israelites had been taught many things about a
         wonderful land flowing with milk and honey, and they longed
         to make it their special homeland.
      4. They spent 40 years wandering through a barren desert until,
         one by one, all those who rebelled against God had died in
         the wilderness.
      5. The thought of the wonderful land that lay ahead caused that
         younger generation to press on.
   C. As they came into the land, there was one prominent city, where
      the trade routes met, that stood in their way of inheriting the
      1. It was the city of Jericho.
      2. Jericho was a large city and, as archaeologists have
         discovered, it had a wall that circled the city that 14 feet
         thick and very high.

   A. God stated that He had given them the city. Joshua 6:2
   B. The army was to march around the city one time each day for six
      days. Joshua 6:3
      1. Seven priests bearing seven trumpets of rams' horns, along
         with the ark, were to follow the soldiers. Joshua 6:4a,13
      2. The people were to not say a word during the first 6 times  
         in their march around Jericho. Joshua 6:10
      3. On the seventh day, they were to march around the city
         seven times. Joshua 6:4b
      4. After the seventh march around the city on the seventh day,
         the priests were to give a long blast on the rams' horns,   
         and all the people were to give a great shout, and the walls
         would fall down flat. Joshua 6:5
      5. Of course, they obeyed, and the walls fell just as God had
         said. Joshua 6:16,20
   C. They destroyed all the city as they were instructed. Only Rahab
      and her household were saved. Joshua 6:17, 21û25 

   A. The difference in God's way and man's way. Isa.55:8-9
      1. A military mind would consider it foolish to attack a city  
         as was done at Jericho.
         a. God's way accomplished the goal He had in mind.
         b. If God's way worked at Jericho, surely it will
            accomplish His purpose today.
      2. Let us never question the purpose of God's instructions. Let
         us have enough faith to do what God says and expect His
         way to succeed.
         a. For example, consider the world's attitude toward
            (1) The instructions on baptism are very plain. Mark
                16:16; Acts 22:16
            (2) Many people stumble regarding baptism because
                they can't see the connection between the
                command and the promise.
            (3) Many question the effectiveness of baptism; but, it
                is God's way, and God's way will work.
         b. Also, consider God's plan for the expansion of the
            kingdom or the growth of the church. God's plan will
            work; we need to work the plan.
            (1) Ignoring God's plan, we could start a Missionary
                Society, or offer any number of man-made
               (a) We could hire a popular gospel music group
                   and fill this building; however, we dare not do
                   so because it is not God's way.
   B. The awesome power of God.
      1. There can be no doubt but that the walls of Jericho fell by 
         the power of God.
         a. There was nothing the Israelites did that caused the
            walls of Jericho to fall; the vibration created by their
            march, their shout, etc.
         b. The walls fell because God unleashed His mighty power.
      2. God's mighty power brought into existence the complicated
         world in which we live.
         a. He brought into existence a complex and orderly solar
         b. He brought into existence our complex bodies in which
            our spirits dwell.
         c. Our spirits, which are the greatest in God's creation,   
            are the work of His hands.
         d. There are many things which God made which fathom
            the minds of the world's most intelligent people.
      3. We are stating these things to remind us of the mighty power
         of God.
         a. The fall of the walls of Jericho was a small undertaking
            for our mighty God.
   C. The relation of grace, faith, and obedience. Heb. 11:30
      1. Heb. 11:30 - They trusted that if they did what God said,
         they would receive the blessing as promised by God.
         a. The people could have talked at length about how much
            faith they had in God; however, if they had failed to
            obey God's instructions, they would have not taken the
         b. We are saved by faith. Rom. 5:1; John 3:16-18
            (1) Many cannot understand how "salvation is by faith"
                when there is something for them to do.
            (2) Faith avails when it obeys. The walls of Jericho fell
                "by faith" after they were compassed about for
                seven days.
      2. Surely everyone can see the necessity of that kind of faith
         a. They did not question God's strange commands.
         b. They did exactly as God required.
         c. They were blessed for so doing.
      3. Likewise, faith saves us when it moves us to obey God's
         commands. Matt. 7:24-29; Heb. 5:8-9; 1 John 2:3-5
         a. Faith should motivate our whole lives. 2 Cor. 5:7
            (1) The intense longing for the heavenly home
                motivates our walk in life.
         b. It's ironic that through their lack of faith, the ten    
            spies who gave the evil report, listed as one of the     
            reasons they could not take the land was: "they have     
            walled cities." Num. 13:28 KJV
            (1) Through their lack of faith they were not able to
                accomplish anything and were destroyed. Num.
         c. Let us have the kind of faith that moves us to trust and
            obey God.
   D. God keeps His promises. Joshua 6:2,20
      1. The walls fell because God said they would fall.
         a. Our God is not like the gods in Greek mythology who
            played dirty tricks on man.
            (1) The Greeks made their gods in the likeness of
                human beings.
      2. God has given to us exceedingly great and precious
         a. His promises to us are sure and steadfast. Heb. 6:11-18;
            10:36; Col. 3:24
         b. God has promised to provide care for us. Heb. 13:5-6;
            Phil. 4:6-7
      3. The two spies who were sent to spy out Jericho, walking in
         the steps of God, also kept their promise. Joshua 2:12-14;
         a. Let us, as children of God, keep the promises we make.
         b. We are not under that same law, but consider Psalm
            (1) This causes us to be very careful about the
                promises we make.
            (2) We dare not make promises which overbind us, or
                that we probably can't keep.
            (3) Once we make a promise, we will keep it even
                when it greatly costs, and when it is extremely
                difficult to fulfill.

   A. There are interesting and vital lessons to be learned from the
      ancient piece of history about the fall of Jericho.
      1. All these things were involved in the defeat of Jericho:
         a. God's promise.
         b. God's instructions.
         c. The faith of the Israelites.
         d. The obedience of the Israelites.
         e. The power of God.
         f. God's reward for their trust and obedience to Him.
   B. Rom. 15:4
      1. The Scriptures produce patience (perseverance) and give
         comfort (encouragement).
      2. Without the Scriptures, without studying, relying on, and
         obeying the Scriptures, there is no hope of being saved
         C. Let us learn and take heed.

Lesson From The Fall of Jericho
The Difference in God's Way and Man's Way
The Awesome Power of God
The Relation of Grace, Faith, and Obedience
God Keeps His Promises