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Flemmish Giant, born 2/2/03. Sandy color. We brought him home on 4/29/03.
He weighed 4 Lbs. on 5/1/03. Lots of binkys, very curious, loves nose and face rubs.
His home:

Consists of 3 sections, each is 30" x 20" x 24" high. Each section has a door, so the space
can be devided if desired. The 3 sections can be seperated as well.
The bottom has a pvc lined drawer that pulls out for easy cleaning.
If you look closely, you can see the water tank and tubing that supplies the drinking valves
that are mounted on the back wall of each section, and one on the outside at the end.
Sometimes Tribble Noodles and Smudge would all rest together in one of the sections.
All of our Flemish Giants would hop up onto the cage from time to time.

Cecil 7 Lbs. Female.
Not sure of the breed, Born approximately December of l995. Owned by a person that couldn't keep her,
so she needed a home. Cecil gets along with people better than bunnies. She is very aggressive and
assertive. She has mellowed, and been gradually introduced to:

Magic 3.2 Lbs. Male.
Dwarf, born 1998 + or -. Another bunny who needed a home. He is very curious, exploring everywhere.
Magic and Cecil are now together full time. Sometimes they both come for petting together.
Magic grunts when startled, or when he knows someone wants to catch him.

Ruby 5.5 Lbs. Male.
Lop, born April 2000. Another bunny who needed a home. He follows us around and wants to cuddle.
He will groom us if we get down where he can reach. He loves Cherries. Sometimes he gets so excited when he
knows I am bringing a slice of banana that he jumps and bounces off of the baby gate. He hits it half way up,
with all four paws, like he thinks he could stick there.

Cinnamon 3 Lbs. 6 oZ. Male.
Harlequin, born August 2001. Another bunny who needed a home. He has happy feet, binkying everywhere.
He also loves nose rubs.

Bunnies no longer with us:

Noodles Tribble Bandit Scooter Smudge Shadow
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