Welcome to Dave's Dynahoe page.
Bucyrus Erie Dynahoe 190 loader / backhoe

Powered by a Detroit Diesel 3-53 engine, 90HP.
Power steering, hydraulic power assisted brakes.
Weight: 19,500 Lbs. Maximum digging depth: 19 feet.
1-1/2 yard loader bucket can lift 9000Lbs.
Backhoe arm can lift 3500Lbs anywhere it can reach.

Cylinders Engine Final Drive Hydraulic Pump King Pin Muffler Starter Swivel

For a frame of reference, my E-12 Elec-Trak is parked in the bucket.

After installing new glass, and temporary cab door.
Note: the lower "wing" of the door is hinged so that it can
flip up to clear the fender, allowing operation with the door open.

Another angle.


Installing Trusses

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