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Radiator end.

Control panel.

Intake & Exhaust.

Ignition & oil filter.

Remote control relay system (not original). Includes remote control of the choke and start / stop.

1942 3 KW 3 phase generator, powered by an 11 HP Hercules 4 cylinder engine.
Runs at 1200 RPM, nice and quiet. Weight: 800Lbs. 21" wide, 53" long, 30" high.

A close up of the big brother of the 3KW:

Manufactored by the Detroit Wax Paper Company, Engine Generator Division.

8 feet x 3 feet x 4 1/2 feet high. Weight: 3300 Lbs.
45 KW 3 Phase 120 V. or 24 KW 1 Phase 120 V.
Powered by a Hercules 6 cylinder 404 cubic inch flat head engine at 1200 RPM.

Engine Specifications:
200HP at 3200 RPM. Torque: 370Ft-Lbs at 1600 RPM. Bore: 4 1/4" Stroke: 4 3/4".
Compression ratio: 6.92:1. Oil pan: 12 Quarts. 6 gallons coolant capacity, non-pressurized cooling system, 140-160 degrees F.
Magneto ignition. Dual starters, run in paralel.

The original fuel tank was totaly rotted out, so I replaced it with a 40 gallon
stainless steel water heater tank - $60.00 from a local scrap yard.
Fuel consumption: 2 gallons per hour with no load.

The 26" fan makes quite a breeze. The warm air can de-ice a car windshield in minutes.
When I want to warm up the garage, I run it for about 30 minutes, then shut the door.
I then use a small fan to blow air through the radiator, keeping warm for the rest of the day.
I still have to finish the re-wiring, but I can get power whenever I need to.

I can't get a better view of this side due to the positon in the garage.
The air cleaner was missing when I aquired the unit. I found that
a spare one from a 1978 Subaru fit the carburetor.
Behind and to the left, the 1KW DC generator can be seen. It provides power
for the field of the 45KW AC generator. It is driven by 2 V-belts from a pully
on the back of the 45KW generator. The diagonal rod below the carburetor is the link
to the governor. One of the 2 starters is partially visible at the center bottom.

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