Dynahoe Muffler Rebuilding
The original muffler has rusted badly. It was made of a low grade stainless steel. It was then wrapped with a 1/4" layer of insulation, which was enclosed by another layer of the low grade stainless. Unfortunately, rain running down the exhaust pipe gets right into the insulation and stays there, eating away the metal. Then I had a little incident that finished it off. A new muffler is $1100.00, so I decided to rebuild the old one.

I bought a piece of .048 / 18 gauge 304 on eBay.

The piece is 20" wide.

Almost done!

Old vs. new.

The internal parts and new parts. Left to right - new outer case, baffle assy., inlet pipe, new 304 flanges Road///Race and pipe (ebay) for exhaust, outlet pipe.

After quite a few hours with the TIG welder.

Installed. I also repainted the rocker cover, as it had almost no paint left and was getting rusty.

The new "tail"pipe.

All stainless cap.

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