Welcome to Dave and Addie's Subaru page.

Cars we have owned in order of acquisition:
86 GL 4WD 3AT wagon blue - Retired due to collision. Stripped for parts.
90 Loyale 4WD 3AT wagon white - driver / Retired due to rust.

88 GL 4WD 3AT wagon brown - Retired due to rust. Stripped for parts - originally replaced 86 when totaled.
86 GL 4WD 4MT wagon blue - Very rusty, bought for parts only. Stripped for parts.
92 Loyale 4WD 3AT wagon white - Driver
01 Forrester AWD white - Driver

87 GL 2WD 3AT wagon maroon - Now converted to 4WD. Driver. With full length roof rack in use.

Loyale / GL Modifications and Upgrades

EGR and Evaporative Emmisions solenoid upgrade.
Fuel Pump repair.
Heavy duty trailer hitch.
Stainless Steel Exhaust.

Forester Modifications [2001] and Upgrades Some of these may work on other years and Legacy models also.

Front wheel work - restoring alignment setting.

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