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Linde / Union Carbide UCC-305 Welder. 3-380 Amps. HW-20 water cooled TIG torch up to 250Amps. WC-5 torch cooler.
I added a time delay relay for the torch cooler so it starts when the arc is struck, stops a preset time after welding stops. (similar to post flow) Also, a High / Low switch on the main cooling fan, since I won't actually be welding at over 150 Amps very often.

The strip of steel that the front casters were mounted on was too thin and bent up, so I replaced it with something a little stronger. It also gave me a place to mount connectors, making it easy to switch between TIG and Stick.

John Bean May M-62-B Tire-Matic Tire Changer

I would like to find manuals, and or information about this machine.

E 14 Elec-Trak
With 42" snow blower. Weight: 900Lbs.
Powered by six, 6 Volt 220 Amp Hour batteries, for a total of 36 V.
Made by General Electric in the early 1970's.

New trailer, under construction.

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