Ballmar tractor
4WD skid steer
Consists of a Ford 4000 series industrial Diesel / Select-O-Speed transmission drive train bolted into a welded steel frame.
The backhoe from an International 3800 tractor was adapted and installed by Dave.
For a frame of reference, the tires are 4 feet in diameter.

What happens to a 26" 5 speed bike when it meets the tractor: (Accidentally)

As mentioned in the Electric link, the Balmar tractor is broken.

First, the front bucket must be removed:

All ready to un-bolt and lift the engine.

The engine lifted, looking at the overload clutch.

The condition of the clutch disk severely limits the power transmitted to
the transmission input shaft!
The hub and rivits turn freely in what is left of the clutch disk.

This is the coupler that drives the hydraulic pump. Notice the difference in
the width of the teeth tips peeking up between the chain rollers.
The lower ones are definatly not right. Since everything is
apart, I will replace it before it fails.

Chain fall "E" hanging from trolly that runs on I beam "F".
The transmission "D" ready to lower to the dolly.
The Winch "A" pulls Dolly "B" across kickers with plywood "C" and onto the trailer.
The transmission is now in my garage in Middletown.

This is the differential input shaft.

For a look inside the Select O Speed transmission:

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