Nugent's "Abstracts"

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Major Thomas Davis (1613-1683: Land Grants, Deeds & Patents 
Following are land grants, deeds and patents which have been found for Thomas Davis:

22 May 1637 - 300 acres - Upper county of New Norfolk later Nansemond upon south side of East branch of Elizabeth River.

23 Nov 1637 - 100 acres - Oyster Bank Neck, Isle of Wight.  bordered by Thomas Poole - 100 acres - 27 Nov 1637 and Thomas Jordan.

It was also noted he was a neighbor to:
1638 - Richard Bennett - 600 acres - Bay behind Ambrose Point.

21 Aug 1637 - Peter Hays - 350 acres - Pagan Creek.

1642 - John Moon - 1,250 acres - Pagan Creek, Isle of Wight. He was bordered by Tom Sayer and later John Gary, 250 acres in 1639.

10 Aug 1644 - 300 acres - Branch of Newton Haven River called Beverly Creek bordered by Thomas Jordens.

On May 22, 1637 Thomas Davis received a grant of land in the Upper County of New Norfolk, later Nansemond (Nugent's Abstracts, p. 82), as follows:

"Sir John Harvey to Thomas Davis, 300 acs. in the Upper Co. of New Norfolk, May 22, 1637, page 424.  Upon the S. side of the eastern branch of Eliz. Riv. opposite Thomas Sawyer, 5 or 6 mi. up the river Easterly to the head thereof.  Due for the trans. of:  Joane Jobb, Ann Griffin, Geo. Tabott, Susanna Bony, Robert Pearse, Wm. Pett."

One Peter Hays received a grant of 350 acres August 21, 1637 upon Pagan Creek adjoining the land of Thomas Davis.

Thomas Davis received another grant of land in Isle of Wight County, as follows (Nugent's Abstracts, p. 111):

"Thomas Davis, 100 acs. Isle of Wight Co., November 23, 1637, page 502.  Called Oyster banke Neck, adj. Thomas Jorden.  Trans. of 2 pers.  Names not given."

In 1638 John Moon received a grant of 400 acres on the South Side of Warwicksqueicke River North upon Thomas Davis' land, and in 1638 Richard Bennett received a grant of 600 acres upon the bay behind Ambrose Meders Point and upon Thomas Davis' land.

Thomas Davis had land in Upper Norfolk County (later Nansemond) which has been in the possession of Thomas Dew and was by him assigned to Thomas Davis, for John Gary received a grant of 250 acres in that county in 1639 between the land "late in the possession of Thomas Dew and by him assigned to Thomas Davis" and the land of other persons.

Thomas Davis deeded fifty acres to Ambrose Meader in Isle of Wight County, July 18, 1636 (Va. Mag. 5, p. 403).  He  also deeded to John Moon 200 acres of the 300 granted March 6, 1643 (Va. Mag. 6, pp. 33, 113, 344).  John Moon received a grant of 1,250 acres on Pagan Creek in Isle of Wight near the land of Thomas Davis in 1642.

Thomas Davis received a grant of land of 300 acres in Upper County of Norfolk in 1644, as follows (Nugent's Abstracts, p. 232):

"Thomas Davis, 300 acs. Up. Norf. Co., Aug. 10, 1644, Page 21.  Upon a br. of Newtown haven river alled Beverley Cr., adj. Thomas Jordens, dec'd. & Thomas Poole, 100 acs. by patent dated Nov. 27, 1637 & the residue for trans. of:  Attwell Bestwicke, Richd. Goffe, Michael James & Jno. _______.  Marginal note:  This patent was falce in the old records and entered true in the 56th page of the said Booke."

There are two grants in Nugent's Abstracts, pages 238-239, one under the other, the first for land in Nansemond, and the second for land in Isle of Wight, which leads us to believe that these grants were for the same Thomas Davis, the subject of this sketch, and they are as follows:

"Thomas Davis, 300 acs. Nansemond Co., Aug. 10, 1646, Page 70.  On Beverley Cr. a br. of Newtown haven Riv., adj. Thomas Jordan, dec'd. & Thomas Poole.  100 acs. by former patent & 200 acs. for trans. of 4 pers.

"Thomas Davis, 200 acs. Isle of Wight Co., Nov. 12, 1646, Page 71.  About 2 Mi. up a cr. formerly called Warrasquiack.  Due by purchase of a patent from Benjamin Harrison & ack. in court for James City Co., June 8, 1646."

 Anthony Fulgham received a grant of 100 acres of land upon Pagan Point Bay, October, 1643, adjoining land of Thomas Davis and John Moon and again, in 1668 he received a grant of 150 acres adjoining the land of Thomas Davis and John Moon.

On the 6th of November, 1653, Thomas Davis patented 100 acres in Nansemond for the transportation of two persons.  The land patented was formerly granted Richard Preston and by him deserted.