Dave Bernazzani's House of Freeware!

I have spent the better part of the past 20 years writing hobby programs and giving them away for free. Invariably, my service providers have shut me down due to the high bandwidth (based on various server stats, at the peek of downloads my freeware games were generating several hundred downloads per day and had reached one-hundred-thousand downloads in less than 2 years). I have found new servers for most of my freeware (and will be bringing more online as I can find the time!). Although all of my hobby software is free, the time and effort that has gone into this endeavor has been fairly heavy. I estimate more than a thousand hours have gone into development, answering emails, webpage maintenance and finding servers willing to host it all!

So, I am now asking for donations from anyone who is willing to help the effort. I am asking for $5 for those who can pay via Paypal (which is a great way to send money over the Internet - I am not affiliated with Paypal except as a satisfied user).

I want to be clear - the software is FREE and if you feel you should not (or cannot) donate or have any reason why you would rather not donate - that's perfectly fine. I enjoy giving away the programs (really!). But a $5 general donation will go a long way to helping keep my software available for as long as possible. So go ahead and download my software - use it all you like. If you feel you got $5 worth of use out of any of it and wish to contribute a one-time donation of $5 please do so through paypal at:

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