New England Life Under the Sea

Of course, the most popular undersea creature around here is the lobster:

Fun to watch and catch.  And, of course, delicious to eat!  Here's a rather blue one:

Crabs are also quite common:

Skates are cool,

If I were this crab, I'd be worried.

  Other residents include the squirrel hake

the very common hermit crab:

  and here's what I think is a juvenile sculpin:

  This flounder must have thought he was quite well camoflauged, because he let me get as close as I wanted:

  The oddest creatures I've seen in New England were some squid.  We saw about ten of them.  They were maybe 10 to 12 inches in length.  Unfortunately I didn't get very good pictures of them; it was one of my first night dives, and they were both extremely fast and skittish.  I have a really excellent photo of where one was a split second before I snapped the photo...  Here's one of my only decent pictures.