New England Dive Sites

   Since my certification, I've really taken to New England Diving.  Most of my diving has been in the Cape Ann area.  Unfortunately on one of my earlier dives I went to Norman's Woe


on a rather bad day.  I got washed up here:

and had to hold on for dear life.   While hanging there getting pounded I had some serious doubts about my future.  I got banged and scraped a bit, and lost a fin.  A kind soul dove in and retrieved my fin when it washed out, as I wasn't about to get back in...   It was an okay dive, but not worth dying for.  I've had an instructor tell me that if you know where to enter and exit, it isn't nearly this bad.  Apparently my dive leader didn't know the secret.
    Cindy finds all the gear you need a little much, but has gone on a couple of dives here.  We went once to Back Beach, a very nice place to dive.   I've been there both day and night.  Here's a couple photos of the beach:


   Here's Cindy diving at Old Garden Beach.  I'll scan in a photo of the beach if I can dig one up.  It's not much above (quite small), but  it's a very pretty site under water.


   I did one of my deep certification dives at Half Way Rock, a very interesting dive  (a boat dive).  We went down to 93 feet, which is a little creepy the first time you get that deep: at least it's creepy in New England in October, when it is both quite cold and quite dark by the time you get down that far.


    On a later dive at Half Way rock I saw my first shark, albeit a lowly dogfish.  Still, as your first shark it's enough to start the Jaws music in your head.  I kept an eye on him, but he really didn't seem too interested in me.

    I have gone on several night dives with the New England Aquarium Dive Club (NEADC: web site at, mostly at Plum Cove.  Plum Cove is a nice, safe place to do a night dive, and also features some beautiful sunsets:

  Another wonderful site to dive that's not on Cape Ann is Canoe Beach in Nahant.  It is normally impossible to park at Canoe Beach, but the NEADC again provides the necessary connections:


On the next page, I'll post some of the things we've seen under the water.