Recordings from our Musical Soirées


Alexander Scriabin
Prelude Number 1 in C, Opus 11
    Prelude Number 10 in C sharp minor, Opus 11
    Prelude Number18 in F minor, Opus 11
    Prelude Number 6 in B minor, Opus 13

1997 Carlos Gardel
    Por Una Cabeza
Johann Strauss Jr.
   Voices of Spring, Opus 410

Ludwig van Beethoven, with Cynthia Bradford
    Seventh Symphony in A major, Second Movement

1998 From Peter Tchakovky's Nutcracker Suite, with Cynthia Bradford
    Arab Dance  
    Dance of the Reed Flutes  
    Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies  
    Russian Dance, "Trepak"

Robert Schumann
    Blumenstuck, Opus 19

Antonin Dvorak Slavonic Dances, with Cynthia Bradford
    Allegretto grazioso, Opus 72 #2
    Poco allegro, Opus 46 #6
    Allegro assai, Opus 46 #7

2000 Moritz Moszkowski with Cynthia Bradford
     Spanish Dance, Opus 12 #2

Ludwig van Beethoven with Jeffrey Chan
     Sonata, Opus 24, "Spring", I. Allegro

2001 Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826)
    Rondeau Brillant: Invitation to the Dance, Opus 65
2002 Johannes Brahms
     Intermezzo in A minor, Opus 116 #2
     Capriccio in B minor, Opus 76 #2

Bela Bartok with Ellen McGeehee
6 Romanian Dances:
       I.   Joc Cu Bata (Dance with Sticks, Allegro moderato)
       II.  Braul (Waistband Dance, Allegro)
       III. Pe Loc (Stamping Dance, Andante)
       IV. Buciumeana (Hornpipe Dance, Molto Moderato)
       V.  Poarga Romaneasca (Romanian Polka, Allegro)
       VI. Maruntel (Quick Dance, Allegro)

2003 Frederic Chopin:
Ballade #1 in g minor, opus 23
2007 Felix Mendelssohn:
Gondola Song in A Major
Venetian Boat Song in F# Minor, Opus 30 #6

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