Key West


Key West is not my favorite dive location, as it lacks the drama of Cozumel or Grand Cayman, but I did see some neat things while diving there.  Here's a spotted drum (and friend):

and this group of fish almost made me laugh, as they were all circling this bit of seaweed, and looked almost like they were dancing.  Some even seemed to be smiling: 

A highlight of this dive was this school of what I believe are horse-eyed jacks which swam around us for a while, completely undisturbed by our presence:



I adore Cozumel diving.  I've been there twice, and really enjoyed diving there.  I'd love to go for an extended visit some time.  All the fish seemed larger than the other places I've been diving, and drift diving makes life easy.  Here's one of the large barracuda I passed:

and here's a group of grey angelfish that were very large:

I was very excited to see this Queen triggerfish, although I later read in a story that I should keep careful watch on them as they like to bite your ears.  True or not, I was blissfully ignorant and simply enjoyed the amazing beauty of this fish:

In the oddball category goes this fellow.  I believe him to be a white spotted filefish: