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Come visit us in Second Life!

We're currently exploring the virtual world of "Second Life" (SL) to learn how it may be used in social work education.

SL offers many opportunities for developing and creating social service agencies, volunteer groups, and supports for people at risk.

If you come "in world" to visit send an instant message (IM) to "Gabrielli Rossini" if you'd like to join "Social Work Educators of SL." We'll send you an invitation!
(The group is private and restricted to social work educators.)

    Avatars for Bob and Darlene

Our avatars in Second Life...
"Gabrielli Rossini" (Bob Vernon)
"Helene Stransky" (Darlene Lynch)

Free "You'll Need a Social Worker" Poster

You'll Need a Social Worker: The Poster
Darlene Lynch and Robert Vernon

Free poster for use by social workers, social work students, accredited schools of social work and social service agencies. 2001

Second Life Resources

“Second Life”: Exploring the Potential of a Virtual World for Social Work Education
PowerPoint handout from the CSWE-APM "Hot Topics" session in San Francisco, 28 October 2007.
Bob Vernon, Darlene Lynch, Paul Freddolino, Lorrie Greenhouse Gardella, and Susan Tenby
(Similar presentations at the Indiana Association for Social Work Education, 2007, BPD 2008.)

Click here for BASIC VERSION WITHOUT MOVIES (Small file)
Click here for COMPLETE VERSION WITH MOVIES (Large file)
If you view the "Movies" version, click on the female "avatar" wearing a black skirt and wait for the movie to play.
Movies are available for the "You and your Avatar" section and "Communication: Type/Chat."

Interesting Places to visit in SL for Social Work
SLURLS for social work-relevant sims in SL! Updated October 2009.
(You will need to be able to access Second Life to visit these places. Open the Word document and follow the hyperlinks.
This will take you to the SLURL website. Then click the "Teleport Now" button. If you are enrolled in SL follow the prompts.)

Conferernce Materials: Faculty Development Institute/APM 2009
Virtual Worlds in the Social Work Classroom, November 6, 2009.
Bob Vernon, Darlene Lynch, Cindy Tandy

Using Technology in Practice

NASW-ASWB Standards for Technology:Practicing what we preach?
Darlene Lynch and Robert Vernon
PowerPoint tutorial on the Standards with exemplary hyperlinks: Practitioner perspective. Presented at NASW-Indiana, 6 October 2006

NASW-ASWB Standards for Technology: Practice in Cyberspace
Robert Vernon, Darlene Lynch, and Peggy Pittman-Munke
PowerPoint tutorial on the Standards with exemplary hyperlinks, Student perspective. Includes basics for finding and evaluating online materials. 2006

Agency Websites in a "2.0" World
PowerPoint tutorial on agency website design, similar to below, including "Web 2.0" features. 2008

Beyond the Mission Statement: Designing Your Agency's Website
PowerPoint tutorial on basic agency website design considerations. 2004

Web Dangers for Social Workers
Darlene Lynch and Robert Vernon
Problems and pitfalls when using the web in practice. Lecture outline. 2002

Social Work on the Web: Tools for Cyberpractice
Darlene Lynch and Robert Vernon
Eleven articles originally published as a column in The Indiana Social Worker
. 1999-2001

"Social Work and the Web"
Robert Vernon and Darlene Lynch
Textbook for social workers and students on how to use the web in practice. 2000

Using the Web in Social Work
Darlene Lynch and Robert Vernon

Basic approaches for finding and evaluating websites for social work. (Old, evaluation links updated 2008)

Websites for Social Work Doctoral Students
Robert Vernon
Presentation website, no date.

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