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Dr. Bob Vernon and  Dr. Darlene Lynch
You'll Need a Social Worker: The Poster !

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One of the major problems we face as a profession is that the general public has a limited and inaccurate perspective on what social workers really do. People often do not connect with the fact that we touch their lives in countless ways.

We created the "You'll Need a Social Worker" poster to help the public see how social workers touch everyone's life.

Our strategy:
This poster presents a series of seventy five problems that people typically encounter. These challenges can be faced by any of us. Most of them are normative. This is intentional: We want everyone to connect with our profession on a personal basis. The challenges are sequenced across the lifespan since social workers help people at all stages of human development.

Our motivation:
We created this poster as a partial solution to problems discussed at the "Midwest Schools" meeting at the Baccalaureate Program Director's conference at Destin, Florida in 2000. We are also plain tired of always seeing social workers getting cut out of budgets and being appropriated far too little money for far to many needs.

We really need to advocate for ourselves!

Who may use this poster:
Specific groups may use this poster free of charge with limited distribution rights:

All schools and programs in social work that are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education may use it for promotional or educational purposes. This includes use at the school or program level and also by individual faculty.
Examples: Include it in your student handbook. Pass it out at community gatherings. Teach from it.

Students who are formally admitted to these programs and schools may use the poster provided use is directly connected with a classroom, field, or social work student organization activity.
Examples: Used in fundraisers for the organization. Circulate it as a field activity.

Individual practitioners who hold an accredited degree in social work and also who are current members in good standing of the National Association of Social Workers may use the poster for practice, education or training purposes.
Examples: Put a copy on your door! Give copies to your local legislators. Use it in workshops.

Non-Profit 501 (C) 3 agencies that support social work practice may also use it for promotional and educational purposes provided that the organization formally endorses the NASW Code of Ethics.
Examples: Put copies out when you have a booth at a conference. Circulate it among your board members.

Conditions for use:
Format and Style
The poster's text and style may be adapted to any format suitable for distribution. For example, it can be printed and distributed as a poster or flier; included in a handbook, brochure, or report; clipped into a website, made into tee-shirts, or otherwise modified for distribution. We do ask that the actual copy not be edited or changed.

We know of one school that is distributing it as refrigerator magnets!

Citation Credits
This poster and website are privately owned by Dr. Darlene Lynch and Dr. Robert Vernon. Dr. Lynch teaches at Ball State University and Dr. Vernon teaches at Indiana University. It is prefectly OK to use this poster with your own organization's logo or name. The requested citation is as follows, although the URL may be deleted if you have space constraints:

© 2001, Darlene Lynch and Robert Vernon
For free distribution information visit: http://hsmedia.biz

Fundraising Activities
The poster may be used for fundraising purposes solely if all profits benefit a host 501 (C) 3 social service organization that formally supports the NASW Code of Ethics or CSWE Accredited social work program, school or affiliated organization.

Get the Poster:
Note: We are curious about how well this distribution approach will work and also about what people actually do with the poster. We reserve the right to use your correspondence and the information you provide as data for our research. We extend the right of confidentiality: Any resulting datasets or publications will not reveal your name or the specific name of any host organization without written or verifiable electronic permission.

We'd also appreciate copies of any unusual variations you produce with the poster such as if you add art work or put it into some other format besides straight printing such as tee-shirts or mugs. The mailing address is:

Dr. Bob Vernon
1829 Kessler Blvd. West Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46228


Please email us your request and include the following information:
   1. Your name and complete contact information.
   2. A brief description about how you plan to use the poster.
   3. Your agreement to abide by the conditions above.
   4. Your file requirement:
      The poster will be sent to you as an attached Microsoft Word or Rich Text Field file.

Email for a copy: dbsocialwork@comcast.net

Thank you for your interest!

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