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This Web Site is for my children and my grandchildren. They need to know a little bit more about the past generations of the family. (I have placed links to other pages that will let my grandchildren learn about some of the family I knew. Like my own grand parents, I have been out of my grand children's lives. These separate note pages will give them a little more knowledge about where my family roots came from. These pages are there for anyone to read but they are mostly for the grand children. Read them if you wish.) I hope these Genealogy pages will give all the family members and distant cousins some new knowledge about this family that they did not know. I hope there will be other family members that will send me information about all these people, from all the family branches. With the 321 known families that are listed in this genealogy we should be able to build a very large data base.

These Files are LARGE give them time to load.

Descendents of Tibbetts - Tybbot - Tebbetts to 14 Generations 

Descendants of Robert Courtney to 10 Generations

Descendants of Jost Krayenbuhl to 11 Generations

Descendants of Benjamin Jernigan to 8 Generations

The Information we have placed in these files has been verified or confirmed through many sources.  I wish especially to thank all the people who took the time to send us the information about their families.

The book by Mrs. May (Tibbetts) Jarvis of California: "Henry Tibbetts of Dover, New Hampshire and Some of His Descendants" helped me place the first few generations of the Tebbetts - Tibbetts family in my own mind. 

My largest thanks goes to my wife, Donna Brown (Settles) Tebbetts, for the many hours of looking through the files at Ancestry.com, Geneology.com and the Family History Resource files of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. Without her research this Web Site would never have been completed.

The family information, that I have included, may differ from what you know. I will be happy to add or change anything to this Web Site, that can be verified.  All family members are asked to please send me their input to help sort out any mistakes.  My E-mail is below and I will answer all inquiries and questions the best that I can. There were too many helpful people and Web Sites, to ever list them all.

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Click above to view the index of individuals included in the family group sheets presented on this site. These family group sheets include working links to trace ancestors and descendants in the files. This site contains records on 973 individuals with 321 family group sheets.

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