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Chorale notices

Chorale notices

It looks like the temperature will stay above freezing for the rehearsal, so we're all set.  Altos, remember to go to Killian hall, Sopranos, regular room.



It looks like today's weather will just be some nuisance flurries.  Use your own good judgement about attending if the flurries make the roads slippery.

While the air is full of ocean effect flurries at this moment, the weather people are saying that as the wind changes today, that will move south by the evening.  So come if you can and feel safe doing so.  As always, use your own best judgement when choosing to travel to rehearsal.

The weather report looks benign, just a few flurries this afternoon.

Remember that you can park for free in MIT's Haydn lot after 5 pm.  Best wishes for your commute. 

To assist you in your recovery efforts from the storm, and out of consideration for your safety, we've reluctantly cancelled our rehearsal for this evening.  

I saw a few flakes early this morning.  If you can manage not to be blown away by the wind, getting to rehearsal will be easy!

Rehearsal tonight

Rain tonight, or so the soothsayers say, at least until well after we are home from rehearsal.  See you tonight, wear your "foul weather gear" for the rain.

It's snowing a bit right now, but the weather map says it won't last long.  See you tonight (3/5).

The forecast is for a coating to an inch of snow. As always, use your own good judgment in travel in conditions that are local to you.

Weather for 2/26/14

The little bit of snow that is forecast for tomorrow shouldn't be enough to disrupt our rehearsal.  Check back tomorrow if you are uncertain.

All the weather gurus are saying that this evening's precipitation will be rain, and that it will stay above freezing in Cambridge and Boston until well after rehearsal (2/19).  So put on your waterproof boots and make your own sunshine by singing!

The rehearsal for 2/5/14 is cancelled because of the snow storm.

New members may join us for the 2/12 rehearsal. 

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