New Beginnings

A Little About Me

Born in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1952, I have made Jacksonville, Florida my home for the last 45+ years.

As a published Poet the transition from that creative expression to painting has been a natural fit. Putting words into motion with the expressions of life and beauty, therefore also becoming a Glass Artist.

My Poetry --- Inside My Souls Vision (Nostalgia) Visions of Yesterday --- Unwrapping My Journey (Memory Box) My Journey to Womanhood and Until Tomorrow Seize Today (Coffee Talk) Living for Today --- are collections that have Reflections of fears, sadness, anger, loneliness, hope, expectations, dreams and love.

They are dedicated to all those who showed me life, strengthened me with love through hope and dried my tears with love.

A very special thanks to my Mother and Father for without them, none of this could have been possible. They were the first to show me all the great gifts of life and how to live for it. My life has been touched by many who have helped shape who I am today. Without all the trials of life, I could not have begun to understand the true meaning of living life, not to the fullest, but the richest.

My Art Glass --- painting has now become a natural fit to my creative expression. Intertwining pen and voice to become paint with vision. Illusions in Glass (Kolours) are custom designed glass art uniquely different, one of a kind, individually hand painted, which means that no two pieces will ever be the same.



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