Along the Way

Interesting Finds Worth Sharing



In the information world of e-mails & the such; 

 these  are for me to hold onto & share.

Consider this my journal page of interesting things!

Some things that just make you think ... smile ... laugh!

None of these are mine, (unless noted with Deb) but were received via different

sources ... and just thought you might enjoy them!

Don't Worry .... more will be coming!

Do you have something you would like to share?

Send me an E-Mail HERE!


How to Handle a Divorce

A Must See From Florida

Say What You Mean with Roses

The Salt Truck

You Don't Have to Own a Cat

Have You Smiled Today?

Keep the Fork

A Texas Funeral

Pogo Moose

No Crosses on Federal Property

Three Things to Think About

Red Marbles

A Visit From Satan  

Amazing Storm Photos 

Which Baby are You

A New Store


Dads Story


Amazingly Simple Home Remedies

The Blonde


Coffee Art


A few thoughts on cat baths

Which Tree Did You Fall From

Balloonist to Fisherman

Statics 100 Engineering Question of the Day

Neat Pictures

If You Read This

I Have a Gun

Can You Guess

Never Choke in a Southern Restaurant

Flight Crew

House Fires

Amazing Photography Nano

The Best EMail

President Reagans Last Words

 The Present

Its Good to Have a Camera Ready

Vanilla Pudding Robbery

How to call the Police


Need a Push

Wrong EMail Address

These will make you smile

Your Age by Eating Out

New Gas Tips

Ya Gotta Love Kids

The Pharmacist




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