Vocalist/guitarist Deborah Winters is a vibrant performer who combines the elegance and sophistication of her extensive Jazz background with total command of a wide variety of popular music styles. With an emotionally captivating vocal quality and exquisite songwriting skills, her music is both spellbinding and uplifting.

The new release of deborah winters "live in session" is her debut recording featuring original material. While it has been a labor of love to bring this recording to fruition, Deborah's audience will be rewarded with elegantly sculpted arrangements and heartfelt lyrics that express a full range of emotions and spaces… from heart-stopping romantic songs to pieces that bring the funk head-on. The vitality, versatility and dynamic range of her voice shine through in a way that is uniquely her own.

Supporting Deborah in this project is a team of world-class musicians, producers and engineers who contribute significantly to the impact of this momentous recording. Producing a live recording is an extraordinary challenge, but Deborah and her collaborators have successfully captured the unique intimacy and energy of a stellar performance.

Deborah considers herself more of an "artist" than a highly trained musician in the technical sense as her drive comes more from a sense of intuitive freedom. Her artistry is largely expressed through original compositions that convey a diverse array of emotions. While composing and presenting her original works lie at the core of her musical vision, Deborah's exquisite interpretations of other artists' works in a wide variety of genres demonstrate her flexibility as a musician.

Over the years, Deborah has been fortunate to work with many great San Francisco Bay Area musicians, especially internationally acclaimed pianist/arranger Frank Martin, who has constantly encouraged her to experiment with ideas that lie outside of her comfort zone. With an insatiable appetite for expanding her musical horizons, Deborah is committed to explore and push the envelope. This, in turn, is sure to delight her rapidly growing and dedicated audience, who can't wait for each new milestone that this gifted singer/songwriter is bound to achieve.

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