HALL Families of Wilkes County, NC (1774-1920)

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The family of Owin HALL and Juda JAMES is the focus of my research. They were married in Wilkes County during January 1818. Juda JAMES died twelve years later in 1830. Her death came six months after the birth of their son James Curel HALL. Family legend says that "James Curel HALL was taken at that time by his father's cousin named Johnny HALL and raised as his son". It is also said that "James Curel HALL had a foster brother named Daniel HALL". I understand that his "Johnny HALL" is John HALL born in 1809 the son of Robert HALL and Mariah HAMMON. This John HALL had a son named Daniel. Owin HALL must either be nephew, brother or uncle of this Robert HALL. I have one other reference for Owin that names his parents as "Robert HALL and a SIZEMORE". Possibly Owin HALL and Robert HALL are brothers, sons of a Robert HALL Sr.

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