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My apologies for having been absent the last few years, but now I am back.  My apologies to everyone who tried to contact me during this period.  My email address has now been brought up-to-date.

The people in this Family Tree are mostly from Scotland and England, with smaller numbers from Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada, Wales, Denmark,  and Sweden. There are close to 1,000 surnames and 10,000 family members listed, ranging from 1250 to the 1900s.

In the interests of security and privacy, information on living relatives is not accessible on this website.  Each family branch begins with people born around the early 1900s, and works back from there.  If I have inadvertently included information on any living person, please contact me at derekflockhart@gmail.com and I will correct the mistake.

There is a file for each person who is a direct ancestor of our children. These files can be accessed from the search engine,  from the family tree charts, or from the files of other close relatives.


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Last Updated:   August 14, 2012.